CC3000 WiFi Driver For .NET Micros


The Netduino and other .NET Micro boards don’t seem to get much love, but that doesn’t mean they’re not able to use one of the coolest chips we’ve seen in a while. [Valkyrie] has written a driver for TI’s new CC3000 all-in-one WiFi chip, giving any .NET micro device a very small and very cheap WiFi connection.

A while back, [Chris Magagna] created a TI CC3000 library for the Arduino. [Valkyrie] fell out of his chair when he saw that post, as it meant the .NET Micro devices such as the Netduino could finally use this device. With a TI Launchpad and a logic analyzer, [Valkyrie] recorded all the SPI commands and responses eventually reconstructing the entire library.

As for how useful this is without any hardware, There’s already a CC3000 Gadgeteer module available from GHI Electronics.

10 thoughts on “CC3000 WiFi Driver For .NET Micros

  1. Well, I can’t speak for GHI, but the GHI cc3000 module is in “Preview” (aka. limited production) while it is tested. I do have one, and it does work, but there are some changes that need to be made before release.

    1. Yes. It works fine with the Adafruit board. The only thing is, make sure you power it with a good 5 VDC supply; I found that the IRQ voltage was not high enough to be detected as an interrupt without using 5 VDC.

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