EmuDroid 4: An Android Gaming Controller


[Carnivore] over at Droid Build is working on a very awesome Android Gaming Controller called the EmuDroid 4.

It’s a work in progress at the moment, but so far it looks utterly fantastic. He is combining an android tablet with a USB SNES controller, an OTG adapter, and an inductive charging unit. He’s cramming them all into a custom designed, 3D printed controller body, which is semi-reminiscent of an Xbox 360 controller — minus the joysticks.

The forum posts go over his current progress and outline the ups and downs of 3D printing a project as precise as this. There is everything from designing it in segments to suit the small build volume of his UP 3D printer, to dealing with issues like delamination from the print bed, and seamlessly bonding the parts together. It’s a great learning experience, and we love to see projects in progress like this. Best of all, he’s planning on giving it away for FREE when it’s complete!

We’ve seen lots of modified controllers used with Android before, but we think this integrated solution really takes the cake, at least for now anyway!

[Thanks Tony!]

10 thoughts on “EmuDroid 4: An Android Gaming Controller

  1. Just a thought…

    Why hack apart an SNES controller when it might have been easier and more flexible to craft your own button mashers? Especially if one is using a 3D printer for a whole new case and cut apart the PCB to get this done.

      1. Interesting perspective as most cell phones don’t. http://usbhost.chainfire.eu/ is a database and almost every phone that isn’t new doesn’t support it stock. Just scanning a few pages and you’ll find a huge amount of phones can’t do usb host. They might have the hardware or not the drivers or it’s blocked by an older OS, etc. Even the Nexus 4 said it supports Host over OTG but it didn’t initially.

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