Inverted Christmas Tree Made Of Nespresso Tubes


What happens when you put a few geeks in a room with a curtain rod, 240 Nespresso tubes, some planks, some tape, fairy lights, and a Raspberry Pi? Well, apparently this!

There’s not too much information on how they made it, but there is a pretty extensive gallery of photos. When we consider how much packaging we waste, it’s nice to see some being reused for a project, at least temporarily! The Nespresso tubes are pretty nice looking which certainly lends itself to this project, but our real question is who drank all the coffee…

The LED fairy lights are voice controlled using a Raspberry Pi model B, nothing too fancy, but a nice added affect. Check out the video after the break — the voice commands are in French though!

As far as audio controlled Christmas lights go, we still think this outdoor sound-reactive Christmas tree probably takes the cake!

[Thanks Castors!]

14 thoughts on “Inverted Christmas Tree Made Of Nespresso Tubes

    1. I had to look around. I got that it is an overpriced coffee bean and maker brand by nestle, but I still have no idea what a tube of it is. Is it like those stupid coffee cartridges that are only slightly less overpriced than ink cartridges?

    2. I know two of the geeks who made this at their work, I guess it is only the coffee they drank during work :) (and perhaps paid by the company or at least the coffee maker). Yes we drink lot of coffee in France ^_^

  1. What impresses me most is that the manager bought so much high priced nespresso coffee, in a normal office they’ed have to make the tree out of old “Cafe Cheapass” containers.

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