EmuDroid 4: Completed!


[Tony Huang] is checking in with his EmuDroid 4 gaming controller. After tons of redesigns — it is now finished!

We first started following this project back in November, when it was in an early prototype stage. What he has done is crammed a 4″ Android tablet, the guts of a USB SNES controller, a USB OTG adapter and inductive charging unit into a custom designed 3D printed housing.

What we really like about this project is the level of documentation [Tony] has gone into during his many… many… many iterations of the 3D printed housing. For those of you who aren’t engineers or designers, it’s a great insight into what goes into prototyping a product before release. Now just imagine what it was like when we didn’t have 3D printers!

He’s also apparently giving away a free tablet for a promotion for DroidBuild right now — we’re not too sure if it includes the controller. And if you’re interested in building your own, he’s shared the .STL files on Thingiverse!

Also — what ever happened to that Mickey-Mouse styled Steam Controller Valve announced last fall?

13 thoughts on “EmuDroid 4: Completed!

  1. This is why I can only see using a 3D printer to make prototypes. Then bondo and sand the crap out of it and make traditional molds and casts of the parts.

    Also, sadly the part I really wanted to learn about this project were the software, etc.. I have been wanting to build an emulator station (not portable) but haven’t even been able to find controllers which actually work with Android.

    1. What I mean is to purchase an android TV box and convert it to a standalone emulator console for my retro gaming. I have tested a few controllers on my tablet and so far haven’t been able to get any of them to work.

      1. look up the retropie project and do it with a raspberry pi
        they have various ways of connecting old controllers

        i’m working on my own portable pi with retropie at the moment
        although i’m using rubber buttons and gpio for controlls

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