Follow Up Of Hacker Meet Up At Heatsync Labs


The hacker meet up at Heatsync Labs in Mesa, AZ  on May 15th was an amazing success. I got to meet lots of new people at the gathering but more importantly I was able to interview several hackers who shared a lot of details on their current projects. I put together the short overview video above that has clips of each hacker presenting their project. If you like what you see in the teaser please watch the full 30 minute video with all the presentation footage after the break along with project page links. Also, if you’re not yet up to speed on The Hackaday Prize, the full length video starts with a short overview.

Relevant links and presenters’ links:

Full length video of meet up and project presentations:


10 thoughts on “Follow Up Of Hacker Meet Up At Heatsync Labs

  1. Around 2 hours later the video is still being reported as private. I learned long ago what’s life’s small shit not to sweat, this is not a contender for that list, I can wait hoping it ain’t too long… I haven’t had CATV or satellite TV for 13 years, and no TV since the switch to digital broadcasts so all the video, entertainment, information, infotainment I get is via the web. Just like TV I’m here until I need to take a dump or take a leak.

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