THP Entry: A 433MHz Packet Cloner

ookloneThe first generation of The Internet Of Things™ and Home Automation devices are out in the wild, and if there’s one question we can ask it’s, “why hasn’t anyone built a simple cracking device for them”. Never fear, because [texane] has your back with his cheap 433MHz OOK frame cloner.

A surprising number of the IoT and Home Automation devices on the market today use 433MHz radios, and for simplicity’s sake, most of them use OOK encoding. [Texane]’s entry for THP is a simple device with two buttons: one to record OOK frames, and a second to play them back.

Yes, this project can be replicated with fancy software defined radios, but [Texane]’s OOKlone costs an order of magnitude less than the (actually very awesome) HackRF SDR. He says he can build it for less than $20, and with further refinements to the project it could serve as a record and play swiss army knife for anything around 433MHz. Video demo of the device in action below.

14 thoughts on “THP Entry: A 433MHz Packet Cloner

      1. I don’t see how those apply here since none of them use this frequency or protocol. Also most security uses of RF use rolling codes so you can repeat any packet you hear and the device won’t open.

  1. Nice work!
    I designed a device to do the same thing (using cc1101) for turning 110 outlet switches on/off, but also decodes quite a few different protocols for temp and temp/rh sensors. It just scans the range looking for rssi threshold and then captures a frame of transitions and then runs the same transitions through multiple decoders. The ones that pass crc/checksum/whatever checks output data.

  2. You can get a $2.50 cloning RF remote with 4 programmable buttons from eBay. I know that own platform can be used for hacking, analysis, fuzzing etc. in the future, but it’s not like no one has done cloning before.

  3. Same Problem
    What is OOK frames ? Could start by explaining that its not a wall hanger that I received when I searched . No comments on his page . Cant read the page with the black background , cant even see it really so I have to change the view so I loose the benefit of the formating ?
    More thought needed on page layout but the detail looks good when I read the blogs , certainly a useable project for me .

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