1-Hour Quadcopter Build

1 hour quadcopter build

[marhar] was pretty confident in his quadcopter building skills when he made a bet to build and fly a quadcopter in just one hour! This is a big task but he saved valuable time by using some unlikely parts that were hanging around his parts bin. And to make the task a little more difficult, this build wasn’t done in a nice shop, either. It was built outside on a patio floor with the only power tools available being a hand drill, miter saw and small drill press!

The frame is made from cheap, sturdy and available scrap wood. The center plates are 1/4″ plywood and the arms are 3/4″ square fir strips. Notice the landing gear, yes, those are mini wiffle balls zip-tied to the wooden arms. Although an unlikely candidate for landing gear, they are surprisingly effective.

The flight controller board is an Ardupilot. [marhar] did use a flight controller that he previously had in another quadcopter. He used it as-is, and it worked, but no programming or configuration time is included in the 1-hour limit. Even so, it doesn’t take away from the impressiveness of the build time.  The motors, ESC’s and battery are just standard types used for most multirotors.

[marhar] doesn’t say what he won for completing the ‘copter but we hope it was something good, he deserves it. If you’d like to make something similar, [marhar] gives very detailed instructions and provides templates for the wood parts on his Instructables page. Check out the time-lapse build video after the break…

9 thoughts on “1-Hour Quadcopter Build

    1. Indeed. They got half a woodshop in there.

      Quadcopters fly basically because they have four powerful motors pushing down enough air. There’s nothing to design, just stick four propellers onto anything. They could have duck-taped two bamboo sticks together and stuck the motors and electronics on with hot glue, and it would have worked.

  1. [marhar], here, with some minor clarifications:

    – the genius behind the build is long-time flying buddy and EastBay RC co-conspirator Andreas Oesterer.
    – He won a bet with Trappy, who sent along a TBS Discovery frame.
    – I will FOREVER DENY that the original blog post referred to the airframe as “Andreas’ Big Woody.”

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