An Omnibus In Every Stocking

We know that hackers like to procrastinate. But right now is the limit. This is the last day you can order the Omnibus Volume 2 and have it (most likely) in your hands in time to put one in everyone’s stocking. Tomorrow will be too late.

Take advantage of the promo code which expires at the end of tomorrow. Use coupon code OMNIBUS2015 and get $7 off the price. There were 100 of those codes left at the time of writing.

What is the Omnibus all about? Check out [Brian’s] explanation of what makes the Omnibus so special. This body of work is a huge achievement and I’m proud that we’re able to recognize the effort of everyone here at Hackaday with something you hold in your hands which will live forever.

6 thoughts on “An Omnibus In Every Stocking

  1. I see all this about the Omnibus, but the price is never mentioned. Now I learn I can get $7 off, but it is hard to know what that means without knowing the price. I am too lazy to click more than two links, then my attention span runs out.

    1. LOL. Yahknow what’s cool about paper, besides the potential for lasting for longer than any hard-disk, is there’s no links to click! And when you’re too lazy to plug your phone into the charger, you can pick up paper and not worry about whether its batteries are charged! Win-Win-Win! Oh, yahknow what else is cool about it…? It’ll still be around even when may be your only resource for backups, and *that* requires not only several clicks, but also a copy-paste, if you can remember the link in the first place. Win 4.0!
      On a serious note, got mine, and it’s pretty cool. Thanks HaD!

    1. I ordered mine through adafruit. Liked it so much that I ordered 2015’s.

      On a side note: I have off and on visited this site over the last decade. Hackaday delivers interesting content that has been overdue for a proper tangible package. With inspired illustration and compelling content I honestly couldn’t be more smitten. Please make a 200 pg. for the third edition and charge more -it’s very worth it.

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