Drinking With Your Robot

We’ve seen tons of bartending robots before, but we’re not sure we’ve ever seen a robot that actually drinks with youUntil now anyway.

Designed and built by a South Korean inventor, [Eunchan Park], he built this robot to drink with, quite literally.

The story goes that he tried drinking alone in 2012 because he did not have a girlfriend at the time. He didn’t enjoy drinking alone and promptly stopped. But then recently he tried drinking with two glasses on the table, and cheers himself when drinking. According to him, the alcohol tasted much better that way, which drove him to build Drinky, the Alcohol Drinking Robot.

The robot is extremely well built, capable of toasting glasses (without spilling), giving you a thumbs up, shake its head, and more. The build was supported by the Art Center Nabi, which is an art museum in Seoul. We suspect it might end up on display there.


As far as barbots go, this one is pretty awesome. But we still get a kick out of this coin-operated shot dispensing barbot…

[via Motherboard]

26 thoughts on “Drinking With Your Robot

  1. Because drinking alone didn’t seem lonely enough…

    I suppose you could use it with telepresence. Make a new Internet friend, Skype each other, and every time the robot takes a drink, you take a drink. Shit, I could start an online bar for just that clientele, a load of alcoholics Skyping with a bit of online scenery. BRB, Patent Office, ORIGINAL IDEA DO NOT STEAL.

  2. So, if he’s just with me, he’s gettin’ the cheap stuff. But in a crowd, I could easily see him getting people to buy him drinks. He’d have to phrases like, “Top shelf only, please”, “Grey Goose or Stholi Gold are affirmitive”, etc. The extra peripheral would be a shot glass dispenser, so his last drink is my next one. Works up to a point… he can’t mix it up too much!

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