Looking Forward To SHA2017

We’re at the start of August, which can only mean one thing. Europe’s hackers and makers are about to converge in a field somewhere for a long weekend of sitting around drinking beer and Club-Mate, eating unhealthy street food, being assaulted by some of the most underground chiptune electronic dance music on the planet, sharing the fruits of their labours with their peers, and gazing lovingly upon other people’s hacks. This year it’s the turn of the Netherlands, for over the first full weekend in August that country will host the SHA2017 outdoor hacker camp in a scouting camp on the polders. It promises to be quite an event, with just short of 4000 attendees spread over several fields, arenas, and social areas, and we’re going to be there. Tent and power lead with Schuko plug sorted, massive pile of stickers secured, DECT phone charged, emergency supplies of PG Tips packed.

There is so much to take in at these events that it can sometimes be difficult to catch everything. One can do the rounds as diligently as possible and still miss some of the cool stuff, so this is where you come in. Are you going to SHA? Are you bringing anything you consider cool to the event? Tell us about it in the comments, we’d love to hear about it as would we’re sure the rest of our readers.

Meanwhile, if you think you’ve missed the boat, don’t panic! At the time of writing, there are about 180 tickets still unsold, but they’ll be going fast! Head over to the SHA2017 tickets site to get yours.

(The stripey header, in case you were wondering, is SHA2017’s branding using as you might have guessed, the SHA algorithm to generate HTML colours. What you see are the colours for “Hackaday”.)

17 thoughts on “Looking Forward To SHA2017

    1. True, it ain’t cheap. For the record, I pay my own ticket for events like this, we don’t seek freebies and I haven’t even thought of seeing if I could expense it. And yes, it’s a significant chunk of a month’s budget here, too. But if you think about it, most significant holidays cost a lot too. The same number of days on a beach in the Med would cost me more, and I think I’d probably prefer to be at SHA.

  1. I’m pretty sure there will be a selection of more healthy foods besides the usual greasy stuff. :)
    I look forward to working with the badge, to go to a workshop about Gameboy hacking, watch a drone race, talk about colors, applications and fails of IoT that I didn’t know yet, and other stuff that I can’t remember on top of my head. I think it is going to be awesome!
    ps: The Hackaday flag has nice harmonious colors ;)

      1. badass vibe is cool. And SHA2017 will be cool. So it fits! Still, with all the food and food-hacking related villages, and the food court, and the badge-hacking bar, all should be covered :)

  2. “…Europe’s hackers and makers are about to converge in a field somewhere for a long weekend of sitting around drinking beer…” –Jenny List

    “Europeans are much more serious than we are in America because they think that a good place to discuss intellectual matters is a beer party.” –Richard P. Feynman

    Great minds think alike.

  3. You forgot to mention there’s a harbour as well, so you can come by boat. And hotel accommodation across the river. I won’t bring anything bc train travel but I’ll be one of the captains of the ferry….

  4. Bring your transistor radio; there will be an FM radio station. Bring your kids; there is a family village with workshops and events for minors. Also, there will be a 42V DC power grid and 100Gbit internet is already covered as well.

  5. If you would like to meet a biohacker / cyborg / grinder / transhumanist with 5 neodymium magnet & 9 RFID tag implants, find and meet me at SHA2017 :)
    I’ll probably bring electronics to demonstrate how my implants interact with them.
    When I’m not volunteering, I’ll probably be at Village:ACKspace

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