The Latest Hacker Camp Badge Comes From BornHack

If you’re a fan of outdoor hacker camps, or if you’re a SHACamp attendee who’s still coming down from the event high, you may already know about the upcoming BornHack 2017 hacker camp on the Danish island of Bornholm, from the 22nd to the 29th of this month. It’s a smaller camp than many of the others on the calendar, but it makes up for that with a quite reasonable ticket price, a much longer duration, and a location that is a destination in itself.

Today we have news of the BornHack badge announcement, and though the details are a little sketchy it’s safe to say that there should be plenty there to keep attendees occupied. The irregularly-shaped PCB contains a Silicon Labs “Happy Gecko” EFM32 ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller, a 128×64 pixel OLED display, and the usual array of I/O lines. There is no information about its connectivity as it seems the BornHack folks prefer to run a teaser campaign, but we’d be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of wireless module on the reverse.

Barring a transportation miracle it’s unlikely that any of the Hackaday team will be making it to BornHack, but that’s our loss. It may not be one of the larger camps, but it looks to offer no less of the atmosphere you’d expect from a European hacker camp. At the time of writing there are still BornHack tickets to be had, so head on over to their website if you fancy a week at a hacker camp on a Danish island.

9 thoughts on “The Latest Hacker Camp Badge Comes From BornHack

  1. Jenny, you are better than this – the post is virtually content free. Can we please take a breather from badge posts, unless there’s something a bit different (like yesterday’s)? OLED + Mx + 4 way keypad is bog standard, after all. Whatever the shape.

    1. I actually appreciated the article as sparse as it was as I had not heard of this camp before. I was a bit disappointed though when I followed the links through to their git hub page for the badge and seen that Jenny’s assumption of a wireless module on the back appears to be wrong and that they put “most of the components on the front side (only the battery clips and the proto typing area are on the back side)” . BornHack appears to intend for people to modify their bades in their own style and not provide a finished unit out of the box.

      1. Fair enough, I missed the wireless module bit. TBH their announcement doesn’t give much to work from.

        But the purpose of the piece is as much to tell you about BornHack as it is to provide info on the badge.

  2. As one of the people who helped assemble some of the boards, I can tell you that there is nothing on the back besides the battery holders. The only special thing about the badge is how low power it is and the bootloader.
    When the boot button is pressed and it is connected to usb, it shows up as a mass storage device where you can drag and drop a bin file with your program. the board then flashes itself and upon ejection it reboots into your code.

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