Portable Pizza Oven Does The Job, And Fast

Pizza ovens are a fun thing to have in your back yard, and often wood is the fuel of choice for that smoky, rustic charm. However, [Andrew] is a fan of speed, leading him to prefer propane when it comes time to make a pizza. This guided his portable pizza oven build, with impressive results.

Hot, fresh pizza cooked in just minutes. Pretty attractive, huh?

With this build, [Andrew]’s goal was to have a portable oven that didn’t sacrifice on performance. Commercial offerings were easy to lug around, but tend to cool down too much after cooking a pie, leading to lengthy waits for the oven to return to temperature. Not content to wait, [Andrew] specified his build with two custom tube burners to heat the floor, with separate jet burners to heat the cavity. When two jets proved too much, he refined the design to just one to improve efficiency and reduce carbon build up.

The Instructable is a great read, covering both the design of the oven as well as the necessary techniques to cook high-quality Neapolitan pizzas in minutes flat – right down to the selection of flour and proper insertion techniques to avoid sticking. The home pizza enthusiast could learn a lot here, and it’s great to see [Andrew] continue to improve on his earlier designs. Video after the break.

This is only the most recent of many pizza ovens to grace these pages. How about one in a beer keg?

21 thoughts on “Portable Pizza Oven Does The Job, And Fast

    1. It’s the humane thing to run rich at startup, creating lots of CO, when dealing with very fresh pizza, just to make sure it’s thoroughly dead before baking….

      … yeah I guess it wasn’t getting enough air with 2 jets running.

      1. Brilliant idea, yes one may make sure one has thoroughly dead food ie organic matter fully and completely devoid of all life before ingestion :-)
        Rant on/
        If at least to prove to numb creationists and maybe neophyte molecular genetecists that so called life is evidently & automatically a production of chemical permutations thus no primitive god has to step in sporadically to arbitrarily make life/stuff only telling a few men inevitably causing conflicts and wars – the god should have forseen. When whatever First Cause there was set it all up eons ago (BB) so DNA naturally arises from basic simple chemistry of common stuff and the rest ‘merely’ immense brute force permutation search ;-)
        Rant off/
        However, iirc there is an unusual bacterial form which can metabolize CO and I also recall CO doesn’t affect some viruii even at elevated temperatures, I’d flood the bake with raster scan IR laser first :-)

        1. What is this babble? Are you a Markov spam generator?

          CO binds irreversibly to the oxygen binding sites on haemoglobin. No haemoglobin, no CO poisoning.

          So it won’t effect bacteria or viruses.

          1. Internet Kessler syndrome:
            In 2021 the internet was rendered unusable for humans when the number of spam bots reached critical mass, arguing with each other in every comment section on the internet, faster than human mods could block them. The situation worsened when their Markov generators accidentally picked up some song lyrics, and the RIAA’s DMCA bots were activated, flooding the spambots with takedown notices.

      2. That’s why I like bagels. You boil the and than you bake them, and I don’t like them toasted so I just zap them in the microwave for 15 seconds before I eat them. Can you think of a food that is subject to more means of cooking before consumption? Here is the south they would probably consider deep frying them as well…

  1. May have to make one similar for when I’m traveling. A toaster oven is great but a pizza oven can work some real magic. Think I’d go with a grating between the flame and food though, at least after getting air-fuel mixture good enough to not produce carbon sprinkles.

    May I suggest a better desert pizza. Do up your dough as normal. Spread on marshmelow fluff, sprinkle on crushed graham crackers, broken up hershey bars and cinnamon morsels. Best eaten warm, still great cold.

  2. meanwhile I can’t give away the propane pizza oven I won in a contest on instructables, and it runs for 2 hours on a camping bottle without cooling down (and im selling it new in box for less than this build)

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