2024 Hackaday Europe: Workshops Announced, Get Your Tickets

There are only a few weeks left until Hackaday Europe takes place in Berlin on April 13th and 14th. With only one full day of programming, we simply can’t run as many workshops as we do at Supercon, but what we do have should tickle your fancy. As if that weren’t enough, there will be at least a few other impromptu workshops and activities to distract you from the talks.

If you’re thinking of attending, get your tickets now for both the event and the workshops of your choice. There are only a few left, and workshops sell out like hotcakes.

Official Workshops

Jaap Meijers
Light modulation: Listening to Light, Seeing Sound

Ever wondered what light sounds like? In this workshop you will make the visible audible and the audible visible. By means of a small solar panel and loudspeaker you will discover the hidden frequencies that surround us. You will also experiment with sending music via visible light.

Paul Beech
Loud Bangs. Uncensored Robot Carnage.

You’ll be given a microcontroller, code examples and a bunch of wheels, mounts and other frills. With the support from a couple of tinkerers you have to build a robot to complete five simple tasks. Robots can be remote controlled or autonomous. Bonuses for autonomy. Prizes for innovation, hilarity and maybe even for completing the tasks.

Matt Venn
Tiny Tapeout

In this workshop you will get the opportunity to design and have manufactured your own design on an ASIC. You will learn the basics of how semiconductors are designed and made, the basics of digital logic, and how to use an online digital design tool to build and simulate a simple design. All participants will be able to get their design manufactured free of charge thanks to Efabless sponsorship. Physical chip and PCB are sold separately and are available to purchase during or after the workshop. Participants will need a laptop. Mouse strongly advised.

Unofficial Workshops

Kevin Santo Cappuccio
Building a Jumperless Probe and Poking Stuff

In this workshop, you’ll build your own personalized probe for a Jumperless breadboard and then use it to poke out some 7400-series logic circuits super quickly. You’ll also learn the ins-and-outs of using a Jumperless for other things. At the end, we’ll hold a race to see who can wire up a given circuit the fastest. Kevin will have Jumperless boards available for sale for those who want to take one home.

Bart Derudder
UV Tape Wall

Bart’s UV Tape walls have showed up at a number of European hacker conventions, and he’s volunteered to set one up for us! He’ll be running a short workshop to get the ball rolling for people to keep adding their own creations. No need to register, just bring your ideas!

Hackaday conferences are participatory, and we want you to bring whatever you’re interested in as well. If a Workshop isn’t your style, but you still have something to share, plan on giving a lightning talk Sunday morning! We’d love to hear what you’re up to.

6 thoughts on “2024 Hackaday Europe: Workshops Announced, Get Your Tickets

  1. Seems great, but a bit far, although I’m only one country over (Netherlands). It’s 240 euro’s driving, or a little over 300 flying. With hotel costs etc, it becomes a very expensive ordeal.

    1. look for “Super-Sparpreis” from Aachen (random city far west) to Berlin, that is currently available for 34,90 Brüsseltaler (€). The link https://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?S=1&Z=11160&d=1304&t=0900&a=0&e&L=gk may not work for too long, but maybe if you replace the “dn” with “dl”. Maybe different start stations have different Super-Sparpreise, so it may help to split the train ticket on a station you can get to cheaply. “S=” is for starting station, “Z=” for destination, omitting “a=0” switches the “t=” parameter from arrival to departure.

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