Dual-Screen Mod For The ROG Ally Handheld

The ROG Ally with the second screen mod installed

In our continuing coverage of the ROG Ally modding community, we would be amiss to not mention a seriously impressive mod — a dual screen project for the x86 gaming handheld by [YesItsKira]! Single screen devices can feel cramped, and this mod is a prime example of a dedicated hacker taking things into her own hands. In particular, the mechanics of this mod are done wonderfully, thanks to a custom-designed 3D printed Ally back cover.

The second screen connects through a USB-C port, held above the main screen by a sturdy printed hinge at whatever angle you want it. As a pleasant surprise, it’s also touch-enabled! The mod is fully open source and well documented — everything you need to print is published on Thingiverse, a detailed assembly guide with pictures is on GitHub, and the BOM is at the bottom of the guide.

Apart from printed parts, you only need a few things off Amazon, it’s that easy to source. Electronics-wise, this mod uses a Raspberry Pi-suited HDMI screen, wiring it up through an integrated USB-C dock; which means you can still charge your handheld while using the dual-screen solution!

Interested in modifications for your ROG Ally, but not quite ready to bolt on a second display? Check out this phenomenally documented battery upgrade from an iFixit staffer that we recently covered.

10 thoughts on “Dual-Screen Mod For The ROG Ally Handheld

  1. “Single screen devices can feel cramped…”

    That sentence made me smile. As a kid of the 80’s I am pleased and amazed with everything that has a build in screen bigger then 320×200 and weighs less then 10kg. Now we have technology that fit’s into a pocket, and has a screen resolution that we would kill for 2 decodes ago and it doesn’t even require a power cord!
    And still it isn’t enough, the double screen looks cool, I have to admit, a pity that the color temperatures don’t match a problem you’ll never notice if you only have one screen.
    Honestly, I’m still amazed that modern devices always are full color, a I grew up with b/w, green and amber, the day I hooked my C64 onto a the portable color TV of my older brother was a memorable day. Sigh… I’m getting old.

    Nonetheless, cool project! The add-on looks very nice and polished.

  2. The Ally occupies an odd niche. Its barely “faster”* than a steamdeck, while offering worse UI, frame pacing and battery life for about twice the cost.

    *When docked with unlimited power some gains are noted. At hendheld battery mode the steamdeck uas more performance for longer time.

    This is a neat mod, would love to make it for my steamdeck, looks like I need to get to work. (Note, I have a GPD Win Max 2, so I’m familiar with ‘not a steamdeck’ mobile performance. Even with some of the drawbacks the Deck is amazing)

    1. Ally is, “barely faster” than a steam deck?…. What the hell are you talking about?😂 have you watched or read a single review? Deck has better performance on a low TDP…show me a deck running any game as well as ally with a high tdp. You wont.

      1. How do you play high TDP for 1hr and that’s it? I have a 2.5L PC with a 12th gen CPU and RTX 4060 if I’m going to be plugged in anyway.

        Doesn’t make sense unless I have a Batman battery belt.

      2. If you’d have watched the GamersNexus review of the Ally and the follow up review of the Steam Deck OLED then you’d have seen that on battery the Ally often scoring either barely above the Steam Deck and sometimes actually below it. When plugged in it hit consistently higher highs, but both ways it frequently had worse frame pacing.

        For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 (720p Favor Performance). Ally got 53.5fps average and the SD OLED got 53fps average, and the 1% low and .1% low were both better on the Steam Deck.

        Both versions of the Steam Deck got higher fps in all categories in F1 22 (720p High) than the Ally as well.

      3. The reason the deck out performs the rog ally at 15watts, is because the deck GPU runs at full power at 15watts and the ally gpu is locked at 800mhz at 15watts. The deck can’t go no higher than 15 watts, so the ally beats it at 20 watts or above. Sounds like your just repeating what you heard instead of owning both system to find this out

  3. Now all we need is universal support for 2nd-application map(ping) software for all relevant games.
    Meaning all RTS, flight-sim and whatnot games would have the same API enabling you to access all available position/map information.

    Imagine that, Command & Conquer / Starcraft with a live full screen map on a 2nd screen. :-)

  4. You would be “remiss” not “amiss”. I’ll let you off with a warning, for now, but next time its a ticket ;)
    After an “Edit” button is added, there should be a way to leave a comment that only the article author can see, so helpful grammar tips like this don’t distract from comments about the article subject.

    1. “I’ll let you off with a warning, for now, but next time its a ticket ;)”
      That should be “it’s a ticket” as in “it is a ticket.”

      Grammar nazi say hello to another grammar nazi.

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