You Can Build Your Own Sushi Train

According to [Garage Avenger], in Norwegian culture it’s considered impolite to ask for things to be passed across a dinner table, so much standing and reaching is the course of the day. To assist in reducing the effort required, he set about building his own sushi train device to solve the problem, giving equal condiment access to all!

The system is capable of taking plenty of weight from heavy dinner bowls, altogether quite different than relatively-light sushi dishes on plastic plates.

The system is actually relatively simple, relying on a Wemos D1 Mini controlled by a Blynk app to run the show. Mechanically, a large drive gears is turned by a stepper motor to drive the wooden conveyor chain that actually makes up the “sushi train.” The chain links ride on a bed of Norwegian one krone coins acting as rollers.

The result is a working table-sized sushi train that really does carry plates around well. It didn’t stop people leaning over [Garage Avenger] at the dinner table, but it makes a great centerpiece on the dinner table for sharing dishes like tacos.

We’ve seen similar table technology, the Lazy Susan, around these parts before. Video after the break.
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