Announcing Our Next Theme: ATtiny Hacks

ATtiny Hacks Theme Banner

It is time once again to announce a new theme. This time around, we have chosen to highlight projects built around the ATtiny series of processors. These are 6 to 32 pin AVR processors that run up to 16 MHz and have anywhere from 512 Bytes of flash with 32 Bytes of RAM to 16K of Flash with 512 bytes of RAM. We’re guessing that this will be a pretty popular theme since so many people are using Atmel processors these days. If you have a project that you would like to see on Hackaday that is using an ATtiny processor, please hit us up on our tip line. If we like it, we may we choose to feature it in one of our daily themed hacks.

To kick off this theme, here is a nice write up about a stepper motor driver based around the ATtiny13. This project reads the analog value on pin B4 and adjusts the speed of the stepper motor. It is well documented and includes source code.

Announcing Hack A Day Themes

High Voltage Theme graphic

Starting next Monday we be adding some themed posts into the mix. Every couple of weeks we will pick a new theme. Our first theme will be about hacks and projects involving high voltage.   Each day we will have a new post based on the current theme. To make this happen though, we need your help.  If you have been working on something that involves high voltage or you know someone who has, hit us up on the tip line.  If you have a cool high-voltage project but haven’t posted it online yet, take a look at this link where we show you some options.