This Gun Should Be Banned During The Month Of December

Do you play Whamageddon? It’s a pastime for the month of December, something like the Game, in which you lose when you are exposed to the 1984 Wham! Christmas classic, Last Christmas. Such is the pervasive nature of Christmas music at this time of year, it’s extremely difficult not to encounter a bit of unexpected Wham! during the month. At Tkkrlab hackerspace in the Netherlands, they evidently take their Whamageddon seriously. Seriously enough it seems, to weaponise it, because one of their members has created a Wham! gun.

Starting with a compressed-air kit gun (we think that’s a sealant cartridge gun, for Anglophones) because of its comedy plastic-firearm-like appearance, they’ve put in an AliExpress audio sample player module and a speaker. Add a suitably hazard-warning paint job, and Wham! Any unwary visitor might be ambushed and lose their Whamageddon game before they can even pop the cap on a refreshing bottle of Club-Mate.

It’s all a bit of seasonal fun, but deadly serious if the dulcet tones of George Michael are anathema to you. Don’t get mad, get equal, never visit a Dutch hackerspace in December without first fixing your noise cancelling headphones.