boost bluetooth… a lot

boost bluetooth

i’m working on a project where i need to boost bluetooth over 500 feet or so (bluetooth helicopter)–here’s how to do it, with lots of great photos. popular science has it here…and click the read link below for the bluedriving site with the usb and pcmcia hack.

7 thoughts on “boost bluetooth… a lot

  1. a couple post back there was a hack for usb wifi with a usb extender cable and parobolic dish antennea. any idea if this would work with bluetooth.

  2. yeah thats what I was wondering. Open up a pcmcia type card, 802.11 g… cant find any links or info on it tho. would pair well with one of the router antennae mods.

  3. Does anyone still have the pictures from this website??? doesnt have the articles anymore!. Thanks

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