Putting Xp In Your Car


besides the usual jokes associated with adding xp to car you’d expect there’s actually quite a bit of cool stuff you can add to a car, here’s a vid of xp, wifi, gps, podcasts and more all in some dude’s car who works for microsoft. on the microsoft campus they have started a “carpc club” i might check it out, i’ll roll in with xp, sure, on virtual pc on my mac all pimped out.

do ya’ll want to see some car hack projects up here?

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  1. thought I’d take the time to say I’ve been looking for car hacks for along time. I’d like to put a linux box in my car with GPS and the works, been thinking about it along time. Also wanted to say this site is awesome, already on my quicklaunch bar. Me and everyone I know appreciates all the work, thanks a ton hackaday.

    -Cody Walker

  2. car hacks are lame. what would i do with a computer while i drive? mobile server? come on that sucks. better give us hacks on adding leds to virtually everything (leds in your shoes… keyboard. Or “build your own zuse machine out of old telephony”

  3. I had an idea for this. It would include a war driving setup, a huge hard drive for MP3s, a 7″ touch screen LCD, web cams on the front and back of the car’s bumper, GPS, voice recognition, etc, etc, etc, all running on a stripped down Linux kernel, with my own customized GUI. There are obvious problems with this, but I can fantasize, right? I did do some homework, and the hardware for such a setup would run you around $1,300, at least $500 of that is for the touch screen LCD. If anyone has any ideas along those lines and maybe some websites of what others have done, post them!

  4. I was doing some serious searching on this same subject last week and found some good info. I mainly wanted to set up a linux box in my car to replace my stereo system. Here are the links:


    Nice Source for in-dash touchscreen lcds

    One Guy’s cool project

    Full systems (With Linux Support)

    One Guy’s Linux Carputer Project

    Via Mini-ITX MOBOs

    Via listing of individual projects

    This one is worth mention on the artistry alone

    Full systems

    And a couple others that people already linked to so I won’t.



  5. is putting windows really good for your car? I think Windows is way to unstable for something that you need to react the way you want it at any given moment or you’ll die…. I can see it now driveing down the interstate going 70 all of a sudden BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH and you need to brake. Crash! you dead.

  6. I’ve seen some movies of ppl actually street racing & I remember a car had a tv in it & had a playstation hooked up to it. I’m sure you can hook up any other game system as well. The one I saw in the movie had the screen built in to the seats of the car. It would be a fun way to pimp your ride.lol

  7. Here is a good site for installing diagnostic equipment for older cars (’96 and older).

    I use it to diagnose engine codes on my ’90 Blazer. I have seen others do this with newer cars like 3000GTs and Stealths.

    If you are into cars and install windows you might as well install something like winaldl. If you search for aldl or obdi or obdii you will find information on how to write these programs yourself. I am in the process of writing a tool for my palm that will read my Blazer’s ALDL data.

  8. I don’t think many of those car-puter sites have access to the SuperDrive apple uses in their powerbooks. http://www.slidirect.com has the Slot loading dvd burner for sale which is my favorite part of my carpc, slipping this little disc into this powerbox:

    PIII 512mb server memory
    SuMiCom – Panasonic Slot load dvd burner
    Video Out – 40GB HDD

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