free *your* music with jhymn

free *your* music with jhymn

since a ton of you have likely received or bought an ipod for the holidays–don’t forget, when you buy music from itunes, it’s sometimes a dead end and you music is trapped. i have a lot of non-ipod music players and computers i can’t “authorize” to play my purchased music on, so jhymn solves a lot of those issues and it still keeps your info inside the song(s).

7 thoughts on “free *your* music with jhymn

  1. The JHymn program is a hymn variant, written in Java, that provides the same functionality as hymn but in a cross-platform user interface. I have not tested this code. It comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY to the extent permitted by applicable law.
    From the website.

  2. Oh. I see.
    I stand corrected (I was tired at the time). Well if it works, Great. I have some music i would like to ‘open’.

    Drm just plain sucks.

  3. is there any way you can hack the aol mp3 to get rid of their annoying publicity messages through the song

    for the aol file zee my website
    for the mp3 mail me

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