Hack A Bike

hack a bike

in berlin there are rental bikes that you can a bit of money for, get a code and use the bike to go about your way. of course, something like this is an interesting challenge for people who like to figure stuff out. the hack a bike project replaced the software on the locks allowing a backdoor code so anyone, who knows the code can get some free bike action.

3 thoughts on “Hack A Bike

  1. I think it’s not very cool to post hacks on stealing rental bikes, for one it’s just really messed up. and two, around Christmas time?, and three, these kinds of hacks will limit to where your site can be viewed, such as at school. My teachers would not mind a site like this if they did not have stuff on how to steal school laptops using simple deviced, or on how to steal bikes from kids.
    I know your intensions are to figure the stuff out, but it’s costing your site from beeing less viewed by My friends and I at school (we are all techs) when we have time to have a break after working all day, *sigh* I guess we can just go ahead and play games instead.
    Merry Christmas!


  2. well, not to be a rear or anything, but I think all this is wonderful. it is just what you said tallon, “to figure the stuff out”.

    “Hack” According to Word Net (2.2):
    6: an old or over-worked horse

    In other words, who cares? it is all for education, if your school disallows access to this site they are either a high school using N2H2’s Bess filter, or tight wads, either way they have a right to block any non-educational web access. that includes any geocities account if they see fit, game sites, porn, and yes, this site. it is their job, and trust me, the fact that they have the word “hack” on this site did not trigger it’s filtering, only expedite the process. it was inevitable.

    and if you are not talking about a high school, and you mean to tell me that this is a college campus blocking access to this site, then that is a matter you need to take up with the sysadmin, because it is no longer a policies problem, but a personal one. something they need to get over themselves, not this site.

    as for the article, this is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever seen. in fact it makes me want to hop the puddle and go backpacking in Europe just so i can see one said bike and point and laugh. not even use it, just observe it an know something others do not. i admire the time and effort they put into this hack, it is genius (where did they come up with it, integrate the code even into the image to save space!!?? they even optimized the callabike code, on that hand, callabike should find them and hire them). this is crazy stuff, just which I could do it!!

    and think of it this way, it is a very nice Christmas present to anyone who knows the correct answer.

    what!… is the average airspeed of an unladen swallow?!…

    African or European?…

  3. True, this is one of the few /real/ hacks I see on this site. Most stuff is nothing more than playing around with hardware but this shows what a deep insight the guys had and how much time they invested.
    And it’s not like they’re posting the code on net to render them non profitable for the BahnAG. They’re using them just yeah, when they’re out after midnight and can’t find a bus to get home.

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