homebrew helicopter flight sim controls

heli controls

whirlyman sent us a link to instructions for turning a usb flight stick into a realistic helicopter flight control system for use with your favorite flight sim.

steve, the project’s creator, did something really interesting here because his control system externally manipulates the stock ms flightstick.  the stick wasn’t disassembled or altered to connect the realistic controls for the pedals, cyclic and collective.

update: ugh — geocities bandwidth limit exceeded.  for those of you who just want to take a quick look, i’ve added a couple pictures and a link to google’s cache after the break.  let me know if a better mirror exists and i’ll post it.

heli controls 1
unfortunately, the site is in frames with flash used for sidebar navigation, so google didn’t cache much.  here is a link to the google cache for the main page.

you may want to check out the following links from thelz:

following are a few pictures pulled from my browser cache:

heli controls 2

heli controls 3

heli controls 4


  1. dd says:

    Any mirrors?
    It’s hosted by geocities so naturally has exceeded its allocated data transfer.

  2. Nathan says:

    Hmmm. Geocities links aren’t all that great, are they?

  3. xSmurf says:

    Since the site is down (too bad cause it looked like a nice project), I decided to ggl around a bit…




  4. Ryan says:

    i have never been on a geocities or angelfire website. they are always “unable to find” the site

  5. Don Symes says:

    Nifty auto-mirror:

    Just add .nyud.net:8090 between the site’s top level and any following slash thusly:



    http://www.mdrobotics.ca.nyud.net:8090/ism/behind. htm

    If you view the site once through this mirroring URL, it will already be in the cache when you post it.

  6. Robert says:

    Your site catched my attention as I opened it. The design is very nice, and you have a lot of useful information. Thank you!

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