Shufflephones 2.0

 shufflephones 2.0

jim younkin is at it again.  earlier this month he created a pair of cordless ipod shuffle headphones.  now he’s out with an upgrade: shufflephones 2.0 — new hotness edition.

what i like about the second hack attempt is that he added another audio connector.  this could be used to connect to a stereo or to share music with a nearby friend.  it’s a pretty functional little headphone mod.

for version 3.0 — kickassness edition, i’m hoping to see the shuffle control interface mounted externally to the headphones so that you can switch tunes without taking the phones off.  hack on, jim!

18 thoughts on “Shufflephones 2.0

  1. woot

    What I would like to see for version 3: Shuffle mounted permanantly inside one headphone, with a USB B connector outsideto plug in a USB cable.

    Unfortunately, when I was thinking about this, I neglected the need for control of the shuffle.

  2. These are so simple, but very functional. And while an external control would be nice to see, he doesn’t seem to be willing to dissect his shuffle for these projects. Although I bet if you took it out of the case you could put it on the other side of the speaker pretty nicely, and have the play controls on the side of the earphone. This almost makes me want to buy a shuffle to play with.

  3. I dont know but that thing looks painful. Unless my eyes are decieveing me then the shuffle is pokeing into your left ear. If i am going to listen to music i want to listen i comfort. Also on the verson 3 (or mabye i did not see it on the hack) would be a volume control. None of my songs are of the same volume.

  4. What’s up with that junk? (post 11 & 12).

    This mod was pretty cool… I just dug out some old school headphones out of my basement… sounds like a fun project. Most of these old school headphones won’t accept an ipod stuffed inside. Hmmmm…

  5. There are headphone mp3 players available, just do a search on eBay. The most common ones look like the “wraparound the back of the head and over the ear” headphones, and have 256MB or 512MB of flash memory.

  6. I think it is agreed that the shuffle should exist outside of the cup of the earphone. Not sure how you’d fit it all together though. Its an interesting idea.

    Not that I have an iPod shuffle. I have the original first Gen. iPod (5gigs of music! Sweet!). If this guy can fit THAT in a headphone without resorting to using something from before WWII, he will be my hero.

  7. Now, version 3.0, lets add a nano! Currently im trying this with a hacked up mini. I split the mini in half, and I am in the process of sodering its parts INTO the headphone. It works a lot better than I thought it would.

  8. Has anyone thought of housing extra equipment in wing shaped attachements on either side of the phones – could get to the shuffle’s controls easier and it adds a cool anime style (or look like a geek, one of the two :p) I would do this but need to shout screamig hellfire at my bank’s supplier of mp3 players as to why mine hasnt come in over 7 months and then possibly scout around for good phones to play with… adding bluetooth would be cool but as i currently posses a nokia 3330 the only thing it has going for it is that its blue O_o

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