How They Hacked Paris

paris tmobile

Ugh, I feel dirty just posting a picture of her. The Washington Post has an excellent story about how T-mobile was hacked, which eventually led to Paris Hilton’s account being compromised. I hope you aren’t too surprised when you find out it was just simple social engineering… I mean really simple. No sweet ‘sploits, no DDOS, just an attack at the weakest link of a sprawling corporation: the staff. I hope companies take this article to heart and teach their employees how to be more secure. Of course if your staff hates you you’re still screwed.

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hackaday lazy afternoons

Lazy Afternoons

hey, i don’t mind paris hilton! i’ll take her, as long as i have gloves. now, the next podcast is going to feature something humorous. it will feature e-mails i get from people who just send in dumb stuff. such as “here’s for your lazy wednesday things or whatever