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Ugh, I feel dirty just posting a picture of her. The Washington Post has an excellent story about how T-mobile was hacked, which eventually led to Paris Hilton’s account being compromised. I hope you aren’t too surprised when you find out it was just simple social engineering… I mean really simple. No sweet ‘sploits, no DDOS, just an attack at the weakest link of a sprawling corporation: the staff. I hope companies take this article to heart and teach their employees how to be more secure. Of course if your staff hates you you’re still screwed.

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  1. All this is going to do is to have management force some heavy-handed but ineffective broad stroke changes onto the customer service representatives. This in turn will make dealing with these low-paid and usually unhappy and unhelpful people even less pleasant.
    Just think about it, do customer service reps need any more excuses as to why they can’t fix your account or why they’re not allowed to give you that information?
    Just look at how the privacy act has impacted the health industry. It is damn near impossible to get a hospital to even admit that a patient has been admitted, much less find out if they’re alive or dead!

    I agree that security (especially that surrounding our personal information) is a joke, but unfortunately reactions to these types of events simply tend to exacerbate the problem, not resolve it.

  2. Real interesting post, hopefully the whole incident raises awareness about the diminishing of privacy in the information age. Reminds me of a quote from “the invisibles” comic

    “they can cover the world with camaras, but can’t stop the security crew from jacking off and getting stoned instead of watching them”

  3. I heard from my T-mobile source that Paris’ “secret password question” was the name of that dog she carries around and that the hackers just used that in conjunction with the sidekick acocunt flaw. I think this story is heavily exaggerated. *yawn*

  4. This seems to be a Hot Topic all over the place.
    I am actually suprised this was made Public,the
    Media must of had someone on the inside.Now days
    Big Buisness keeps Exploited Vulnerabilitys on
    the Down Low thus keeping Profit up.

    Anyone remember that Windows Embedded Custom
    Protocol Worm that wiped out alot of Bank
    of America ATM’s and MAN nodes about two Year
    s ago? Thats another one that leaked.

    That group spent a Year trying to find holes
    in T-mobiles Network front-end/HTTP server.
    There moms must of been paying the rent.:p

  5. aka technotard

    start a religion (like l ron) so you can achieve tax exempt status & i can finally have a deity or some deities (theres always room for jello biafra) of my very own to worship

    these 3 were ditched for younger sportier models:
    motorola T2260
    motorola profile 300
    ericsson lx 788

    2 to 3 x as many chargers (car & ac)

    havent checked ’em against all the cell hacks yet but if anyone knows anything extra special about these models… or hell, want one of ’em? trade me something

  6. Lol, The Defonic Crew officially known as TSC(Team Screenname Crew), which consists of the Hackers that are known in the “Paris Hilton” sidekick hack. They did, yes, social engineer T-Mobile and pretended to be a higher superior employee and got all the information they needed and CHANGED all the information to what they wanted it to be, also changing the password and name on the account so she wouldn’t have been able to access the account at all. When this was done, “Cam0” also known as Cnet took the blame for 5 or 6 other people who were involved in this crime. A few days after the hack took place it was around the World Wide Web since, they took down websites and put up Paris’s phonebook and Movies/Pictures on the websites to get more traffic and let it be known that T-Mobile is really insecure. She got what she deserved.

    I know all of this information cause I was once part of the Defonic Crew at one point in time.

  7. One thing I don’t understand, why reset her password? If they got access to the employee login page, and were provided with login info, they could just access any customers info, right?

  8. auto you’re the biggest fucking puppy. you used to sit on conferences and listen to us hack, you’re a nobody and a wanna be. you have no right to drop cam0s name yet act like you were any of us. there is only three people responsible for the “paris hilton hack” and it was yes. a social engineering and then an actual website hack that allowed us to pull up information with out the account number or 4 digit ssn. please get ya facts straight, I know a lot of people have there assumptions on to how this happened well I was part of it and now you know how it really happened. shit, it was way more advanced then the paris hack, there was bigger steak cooking in the oven by the time that happened, the paris bullshit was just us having fun. oh and ps, for everyone to know. auto is a aol screen name cracker and has phone sex with fat internet girls. GOD KNOWS HACKERS FUCKING HATE FAT INTERNET GIRLS

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