3D Scanner

spline scan

SplineScan is a cross platform 3D scanning solution. While the target object is rotating on a motion controlled turntable a laser is projected on it. A camera collects images of each step of the rotation. Using simple trig the individual frames’ line data can then be used to construct a 3D model. Andrew Lewis is in the process of porting the model generator to C from VB, but it can already be run in Ubuntu using WINE. If all goes well he will be doing a live demo at LUGRadio Live with detailed source to follow soon after. He expects the final scanner to only cost approx. $90.  Sounds like a lot of  fun. Thanks for sending it in Andrew.


  1. ORANGE says:

    where’s the surprise :(

  2. Metalhead says:

    More DIY projects, less news.

  3. Pete Edworthy says:

    So, you can’t figure out how to make your own?
    shame on you, but to help here is someone using the same principle.


  4. noouch says:

    Strangely, I was just wondering this morning how you could make a DIY 3D scanner. I got stuck on how to measure the depth of an object, but apparently that problem has been solved.

  5. dan says:

    It looks like Gary Busey. Cool though.

  6. engineer says:

    Umm, the picture sucks! I know of a much better 3d scanner that could produce a much more realistic picture, my camera.

  7. john bokma says:

    Looks very cool and promising, thanks

  8. Looks interesting, not very much res, but ….for 90$.

  9. assaf oshinski says:

    amazing. can anyone possibly imagine the effect 3d scanning will have on our lives; of computers sharing the same 3d space as we do? anyway, i need some reference for a paper i’m writing on the subject. thanx

  10. Andrew says:

    Re: not very much res – actually, the raw point resolution is less than 1mm – the model you are looking at was roughly 2″ high. The reason the pictures look dodgy is because my triangulation algorithm was broken, and the scan only took a couple of hundred samples. Take a look at the new python code and try the pointcloud data out in opendx – I think you might be plesantly surprised :-)

  11. sniper says:

    any luck completing th eproject?

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