hackaday monday sipping

monday sipping

well good morning hackaday readers. it’s monday. we’re all back at the office/classroom/jailcell so we know you are dying to get a few good tidbits of information in before you start having to work.

got a cat? maybe, maybe not. either way, this guy has a facial recognition door for his cat. insane eh? very cool though. maybe he should use it for humans.

Also, in other tech and hackery news, there’s still some major concerns over google’s way of storing your information and preferences. I can see a cause for concern but whatever, get over it. Not only that, but it’s true that last week South Korean hackers 0wn3d microsoft’s msn site and planted a password stealer. Very nice work.

Also, a new internet possible? I scoff at the idea, but embrace it at the same time. This time, it’s based on RFID tags.

Slashdot also had a cute little link to howto build your own linux distro. hackaday linux? vince linux? sendustodefconthisyear linux? hmmm, maybe. depends how big of a fan of work you are.

This is really cool in ways. A Judge threw out a dude’s DUI charge because he could not provide the man with information on how the breathalyzer works. The company wasn’t too big on giving their information to the state. A new legal defense? maybe. I think we need more open-source things from everything to code to information. Demand it to be public!

And one guy is selling every issue of WIRED on eBay. Does anyone care? Mmmm.

Also, a monday morning wouldn’t be complete without fun tidbits right? So here’s a picture for you to gander at: Pete Cabrinha riding a 70ft wave. The largest ever. Jesus God I’d be scared.

And may I reccoment a good site to visit? PWOT is packed with humor to the first degree. Tons of content and the forum is nice. I highly reccomend it during work or free time.

Now go brush up on Aristotle and enjoy your monday. Hopefully by now it’s a bit better. fool.

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3D Scanner

spline scan

SplineScan is a cross platform 3D scanning solution. While the target object is rotating on a motion controlled turntable a laser is projected on it. A camera collects images of each step of the rotation. Using simple trig the individual frames’ line data can then be used to construct a 3D model. Andrew Lewis is in the process of porting the model generator to C from VB, but it can already be run in Ubuntu using WINE. If all goes well he will be doing a live demo at LUGRadio Live with detailed source to follow soon after. He expects the final scanner to only cost approx. $90.  Sounds like a lot of  fun. Thanks for sending it in Andrew.

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