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good morning hackaday readers. it’s time for some fresh links to soften the blow of last night’s hurrah of binge drinking. so let’s continue shall we? I’m hittin you up with some goodies today.

yeah it’s old, but it’s still cool right? [musschrot]
…but goddamn. this blows it and anything else away. [usergentoo]

[cyber spider tech] made us a hackaday wallpaper! pretty cool, so check it out!
firefox is coming to second life. as if that game couldn’t get any more insane.
OHHHHH. WHAT NOW. 16% of computer users don’t have virii….because they rock macs. beeeyotch.
if you must, ebooks on the juicebox.

basket case. [kristina]

remember folks, tomorrow there will be…something….happening. ;)

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. oh come on! a basket case…. thats almost as lame as my “plank” lol a pc that’s attached to a old shelf board with drywall screws. Or whats next a milk crate?

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