hackaday monday sipping and contest

monday sipping

OH my! What a busy and great weekend! As you may or may not know, I was with Jason, Brian, and Karina over at Live8 behind the scenes blogging about Live8 with them. It was a wonderful time and experience. Then I had the balls to go and see War of the Worlds after such a long day, and I reccomend you rush out and see it. Twice. It’s wonderful.

But back to hacks. We’ve made a final decision. Hackaday meetups will officially be once a month and on a thursday. The last thursday of every month to be exact. If you’re in Philadelphia, the meetings here will be insanely awesome. We’ll be renting out hotel conference rooms or something like that, having contests, giveaways, prizes, and discussions. Almost like a mini-defcon each month!

The shirts will also be ordered this week which rocks, so be on the lookout on how to score those aside from Defcon.

Oh! Podcast 03 will be out this week as well! We’re getting our RSS feed up and running soon but if it’s not ready by Friday, we’ll still post the podcast on here and iTunes.

MIT’s infamous disco LED-ridden floor is available for purchase now. Wicked.

And it looks like Brazil is finally getting around to building those $100 laptops. My question to YOU guys is


  1. marnargulus says:

    I can see it now:
    20 years in the future every linux user in the world will flock to Brazil, where hundreds of Linux prodigy’s have completely changed the idea of Linux. Or they all move to America.

  2. Schmigz says:

    vi is a word processor. How is pico a word process and vi not? You should lose your hacking license for that comment. All true hackers use vi!

  3. enigma_x says:

    Why does nano never get any love? It has more features than pico, and it’s GPL’d. Emacs is pretty good, but I find vi’s control system to be really unintuitive.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    happy 4th, hack a day!

    And to everyone!

    I’d love to attend a Phila meet.

  5. Tim says:

    I hope that those 100$ laptops reach a commercial market after a short while, the reason? Although the power inside one won’t be that great … bunging in an OS like Symphony OS (www.symphonyos.com) would make it a great laptop for students / parents.

  6. Will says:

    Ooh, Vi vs. emacs! Vi vs. emacs! WOOO!

    I’m a vi user myself. I like it just fine for command line stuff, but when I’m using a GUI I prefer OOO for word processing, and am currently using nedit for text editing.

  7. alex says:

    i win. My dad gets 50

  8. weirdguy says:

    just stick a sunray with an LCD screen! Wait! that’s my idea..don’t take it!

  9. madd_matt says:

    How to build a laptop for under $100:

    Step 1:

    Buy used laptop on ebay for $50

    Step 2:

    There is no step 2.

  10. skittles says:

    The display will be the most expensive part. Since MIT is going for electronic ink to drive the display costs below $25, I highly doubt us simple hack-a-dayers can recreate this expensive part. :) But good luck to all! :)

  11. alex says:

    arent sunrays around 350?

  12. alex says:
  13. alex says:
  14. buying a $50 laptop off ebay isnt going to work. It’s gotta be able to access the internet through ethernet etc. However, consider this:

    Find a dead laptop with a good screen. Get it. Then go searching.

  15. doolin says:

    I, for one, still think Joe(joe’s own editer) is better than vi


  16. Ed says:

    does this have to run off a battery? are there any size limits? no where is it specified a colour display…

  17. marnargulus says:

    Looks like the control board is for sale, not the actual floor. So take the time to wire thousands of LEDS and then use their board/software.

  18. I dont care how you power it, the display does NOT have to be color. and the size doesnt matter.

    and vi is not a word processor folks. it’s a text editor. pico and emacs do a bit more (esp. the latter). vi is shit. final word. :)

  19. x04d says:

    I’am in the contest.

  20. wang chung says:

    I had a Digital Ultra 2000 from a rummage sale. I screwed it up hardcore, and got one for about $50 on ebay. Buahahaha.

  21. x04d says:

    and btw, that OS quiz thing over bbspot … I’am windows95! LOL

  22. dakota courtois says:

    i got mac os x so beat that suckers
    os x tiger rules over windows

  23. bird603568 says:
  24. i was slackware linux. funny. thats what i use.

  25. sin says:

    Which OS are You?

    woohoo!!! beat that!!!

  26. t3h.l33t says:

    emacs forever! w00t!

    Oh, and I got Palm for the OS, then I went back and changed input device from touchscreen to mouse and got Mac OS X…

    Damnit, there’s no “trackpad” option! That is my favourite input device!

  27. madd_matt says:

    I’m windows XP. Yet i’m a slackware user.

    A guy i know, who is a big microsoft guy, ended up as slackware.

    I think the quiz is broken!

  28. madd_matt says:

    I’m windows XP. Yet i’m a slackware user.

    A guy i know, who is a big microsoft guy, ended up as slackware.

    I think the quiz is broken!

  29. memodude says:

    vi is a million times better than emacs and pico put together.

  30. Brandon says:

    this is way off topic, but i was thinking…

    with the commonness of home networks, people are beginning to realize that they have more resources than they can use. printer servers, file servers, media servers, etc, there should be a way to distribute the computing power of all the systems in the house.

    the reasoning behind the public not seeing the potential of their home network is because they generally do not have the software to put a burden on their current systems.

    another reason could possibly be that computer manufacturers do not want people to learn of this possibliity, as it would jeopardize their ability to sell computers.

    it is my goal to use all the processors in my house together. to make them work together and distribute processes between themselves automatically as they require more power.

    as far as i have seen, the biggest application of home network clustering is in media conversion. recently i have been trying to do some video recompression for my family, and i have found it to be so slow that i would like to harness the power in the rest of my systems.

    why has nobody developed a way to do this yet?

  31. furtim says:

    Holy Wars are awesome!

  32. ken52787 says:

    I’m OS2/WARP

    … wtf is os2/warp. os2’s gay cousin?

  33. Tom61 says:

    re: post 17 vince veneziani:
    “I dont care how you power it, the display does NOT have to be color. and the size doesnt matter.”

    You’re almost making it too easy.

    Just to double check does “hard drive” means any HD like device, like a Disk On Chip or a compact flashcard?

    re: post 27 Brandon:”why has nobody developed a way to do this yet?”

    http://www.openmosix.org It’s been done.

  34. invisisam says:

    i’m hp-ux! That works out because I’m a big fan of a clean, command prompt based *nix server box. Who needs UI, give me [root@server /]# anyday.

  35. ryan says:

    hey if anyone is from edmonton alberta and wants to start up hackaday meet ups let me know.

  36. Slash says:

    “and vi is not a word processor folks. it’s a text editor. pico and emacs do a bit more (esp. the latter)”

    pico does more than vi? LOL! Someone doesn’t have the slightest clue how to use vi.

    If you learn to use vi, it is many times more powerful and more efficient. pico/nano are decent for newbs, but they really lack any sort of fuctionality. Extremely basic.

  37. ryokea says:

    sweet, i like what came up for me :P

    “You are Amiga OS. Ahead of your time. You keep a lot of balls in the air. If only your parents had given you more opportunities to suceed.”

  38. loup says:

    according to the test I’m debian linux, which is funny because I’m using debian right now…

  39. Frogz says:

    friken hell… im windows 95 x.x
    coulda been worse, i coulda been called 3.1 or me or a mac…

  40. murrowman789 says:

    i ended up being OSX…but im dual boot slackware/winxp….?

    just gald im not anything built by that money sucking microsoft…

    anyway…ive got a question about meet ups…i asked this on the irc channel (#hackaday on efnet for those of you who dont know)…

    question: any possible west coast meet ups in the future? if not then i would be happy to start one…im about 1.5 hours away from L.A. and about 45 min. from bakersfield…some other possible locations?

  41. DNordbak says:

    yeah, i’d be up for a so cal meetup, and last time the irvine spectrum was discussed, possibly under the big ferris wheel. That was more of as an orange county meeting, so I don’t know how far you are from there. If we need a site to post information on, i’d be happy to put it up on mine. Send me a line at DNordbak@cox.net to talk about it more.

  42. m0th says:

    vince, os/2 warp was so cool, you are my man ;)

  43. bird603568 says:

    who cares how cool it is if its doesn’t work its useless. Like a car, ill take a car that never breaksdown or stalls over a “I have every option” car that cant even go 2000 miles before needing repair. Go Slack

  44. fasteddie says:

    not sure if it’s possible but I don’t have the time to mess with it, could you run a laptop off of a flashdrive instead of a hard drive?

    if you’re looking for dead laptops try freecycle.org

  45. LED_scorched says:

    apple DOS 3.1 … what the hell?

  46. anon says:

    how strange is it that I am Slackware, and that slackware is running on my laptop right this minute?

  47. That Guy says:

    im OS X !!!!! yay im sweet reliable and the next gen

  48. me says:

    Give ‘em all zire 21s
    This seems really like that movie The First $20 million is always the hardest.

  49. Rodger says:






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