Homemade PBX


We’ve talked about using Asterisk as a home PBX, but what if you hand built your own PBX? It is an interesting read covering how a home phone system works.  There is an example situation of how this system would be used. The hand drawn schematics are cute too. I doubt anyone would try this now, but it is neat to see how a nonsoftware based system would work.

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Hackaday links

People have been asking about the $100 laptop. I don’t think anyone ever sent anything in. So here is a mini-ITX laptop[GRimo]. Not cheap, but if you are already inclined to build your own.

[syfenx]‘s howtos
[brian]‘s fm transmitter mods: Tunecast 2, Si-Link
Spot fake photos [anonymous]
Tech support woes: one, two [SOLARAEUS]
Ipod video, uh video [scott qualls]
Halo 2 CE [Voteccow], don’t ask me, I own a Playstation
Human Clock‘s Atari 2600 Webserver [anonymous]
[exparrot] and [tim] decided to take the OSX86 challenge
Change XP’s OEM info [garrett]
Thermosyphons [Paul]

We seem to be killing the guest map; I’m not really surprised. I’m reposting the link anyway. Just avoid clicking on that little blond, Cap’n Hack, she’ll definitely crash it.

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