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People have been asking about the $100 laptop. I don’t think anyone ever sent anything in. So here is a mini-ITX laptop[GRimo]. Not cheap, but if you are already inclined to build your own.

[syfenx]’s howtos
[brian]’s fm transmitter mods: Tunecast 2, Si-Link
Spot fake photos [anonymous]
Tech support woes: one, two [SOLARAEUS]
Ipod video, uh video [scott qualls]
Halo 2 CE [Voteccow], don’t ask me, I own a Playstation
Human Clock‘s Atari 2600 Webserver [anonymous]
[exparrot] and [tim] decided to take the OSX86 challenge
Change XP’s OEM info [garrett]
Thermosyphons [Paul]

We seem to be killing the guest map; I’m not really surprised. I’m reposting the link anyway. Just avoid clicking on that little blond, Cap’n Hack, she’ll definitely crash it.

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21 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Love the portable nero, sys-admins have my work machine on lockdown. That means I either use roxio or built in windows support. Both suck!
    Having nero on the jump drive is going to rock, hope it works.

  2. halo ce is a free download by bungie that allows developers to make mods for halo. you need to own halo for pc to use it. the link is a mod for halo 2 (the gameplay is somewhat similar to the real halo 2), but there are also other mods such as a wicked cool one that makes halo play like the legend of zelda: ocarina of time.

  3. I’ve been wanting to make a mini-itx based laptop since last april. I order the board, and before the board comes, my main computer’s IDE controller fails. and now I’m using the mini-itx board as my main pc like this:


    the freewebs site with the info on this dude’s project says it like it is:

    “Imagine the pride from building something that until now has been a propriatary buy-only device. Having something that only a couple people out of more than 6 billion have and having done it yourself is a bragging right in many areas, geeks and laymen alike.”

    damn, and I was bragging to my friends about my laptop-pc hybrid _ALREADY_.

  4. I’m really liking the OEM info hack.

    If you don’t have an oeminfo.ini file in your system32 directory just create one. Copy/paste the example on the site and change the values to suit your wants.

    Then right click My Computer and hit Properties.

    Currently I’m running on PC built by Uranus Productions, model name “Taco.”

  5. Err… When I click the change XP’s OEM info link, I get a page that says this:

    Microsoft JET Database Engine error ‘80004005’

    Unspecified error

    /LM/W3SVC/5944/ROOT/global.asa, line 10

  6. the portable nero thing looks cool, but if your machine is already locked down so you can’t touch the registry, you’re still SOL. it’s just good for not having to do a full install

  7. For those interested in the mini-ITX laptop article, it appears the guy exceeded his bandwidth. If you still want to view the artcle, just google the URL and click “Show Google’s cache of…”, then repeat for each link.

  8. Posted Aug 15, 2005, 1:31 AM ET by nitroburn

    all that stuff in the tunecast hack and he didn’t bother to modify the antenna. :)

    Well if you had read the page nitroburn, the antenna mod on the tunecast had already been done. Don’t just look at the pictures.

  9. I’m using firefox and that map link doesn’t take me anywhere. It just kicks me to #

    If it doesn’t work in FF then I’m not interested. Either it’s broken in both browsers or all of your visitors use FF.

    Please fix! :)

  10. Dunno if this counts as a “hack” but the stupid “Coke or Pepsi” survey which shows up on the right (at least on my screen, the ads might rotate) appears to have a nice big security hole in it. I don’t normally click on that type of crap, but I was curious. If you click on it, and put in an existing address (such as “your_name@aol.com” which they thoughtfully suggest, the details of the previous customer are pulled up. So… I’d advise against feeding those particular spam-slingers.

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