AppleCrate: Apple II based cluster


The author purchased a box of 8 Apple //e main boards at auction for a dollar each. He then assembled this simple crate for them to live in. He wanted to use the burn-in connectors to supply power but they weren’t consistent. Power is delivered to the buses through a threaded rod along the bottom. Each board is net-booted by a more equipped Apple //e. It is a unique project, but I can’t think of what you would do with it.

[thanks exparrot]

14 thoughts on “AppleCrate: Apple II based cluster

  1. Hells yeah, Oregon Trail at 120FPS. You shot 1213lbs of ultra-realistic looking meat. You were only to carry 400lbs back to the ultra-realistic wagon.

    Either that or the dreaded number munchers…

  2. What about that robot game that you fall in trapdoors, odel downunder, and turtle graphics? I’ll drop a few /. lines, think of a beowulf cluster of them and does it run Liunx?

  3. Guys, part of hacking hardware or software is just the thrill of seeing if you can actually DO IT! It’s neat when you can create a hack that is useful or an improvement, but sometimes you’ve just got to do something just to see if you can!

  4. does it have multiple display support? i could rock out to sammy lightfoot, loderunner, some zaxxon and use my koala pad to sketch some mean graffx

  5. The game I remember the most from the 80’s was Aztec. I used to go over to a friend’s house and play that as much as I could. I wish I could find an emulator for that Apple IIe game, but to this day my searches have been fruitless.

    A reply to the quote “It is a unique project, but I can

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