AppleCrate: Apple II based cluster


The author purchased a box of 8 Apple //e main boards at auction for a dollar each. He then assembled this simple crate for them to live in. He wanted to use the burn-in connectors to supply power but they weren’t consistent. Power is delivered to the buses through a threaded rod along the bottom. Each board is net-booted by a more equipped Apple //e. It is a unique project, but I can’t think of what you would do with it.

[thanks exparrot]


  1. Anthony says:

    Hey if the creator of this mod reads this….hop over to…we’d love for you to put it in the library of mod guides on the site.

  2. Max says:

    That thing probably runs Oregon Trail like a badass.

  3. Hells yeah, Oregon Trail at 120FPS. You shot 1213lbs of ultra-realistic looking meat. You were only to carry 400lbs back to the ultra-realistic wagon.

    Either that or the dreaded number munchers…

  4. Rich WHiffen says:

    My reaction pendulum is swinging wildly between “That’s completely useless” and “OMFG! I WANT ONE!”

  5. bird603568 says:

    What about that robot game that you fall in trapdoors, odel downunder, and turtle graphics? I’ll drop a few /. lines, think of a beowulf cluster of them and does it run Liunx?

  6. Dave Dinsmore says:

    Bilestoad would rock on this sucker.

  7. buzzaw says:

    Ohhhh, what about pikes peak?! That game was badass. (In it’s time)

  8. Mike Montana says:

    Some of us cant seem to let the 80s go. I’m amazed at the techy, giddy with admiration of the ‘retro fun’ aspect, but, astounded with ‘why?’

  9. aixwiz says:

    Guys, part of hacking hardware or software is just the thrill of seeing if you can actually DO IT! It’s neat when you can create a hack that is useful or an improvement, but sometimes you’ve just got to do something just to see if you can!

  10. Jody says:

    I would totally rock out to some Ultima 1 or Lemonade Stand on that sucker

  11. mike says:

    does it have multiple display support? i could rock out to sammy lightfoot, loderunner, some zaxxon and use my koala pad to sketch some mean graffx

  12. .frankiejr says:

    The game I remember the most from the 80’s was Aztec. I used to go over to a friend’s house and play that as much as I could. I wish I could find an emulator for that Apple IIe game, but to this day my searches have been fruitless.

    A reply to the quote “It is a unique project, but I can

  13. jeff says:


    Here is Aztec.

  14. Billm says:

    The new URL for Virtual Apple is

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