AppleCrate: Apple II Based Cluster


The author purchased a box of 8 Apple //e main boards at auction for a dollar each. He then assembled this simple crate for them to live in. He wanted to use the burn-in connectors to supply power but they weren’t consistent. Power is delivered to the buses through a threaded rod along the bottom. Each board is net-booted by a more equipped Apple //e. It is a unique project, but I can’t think of what you would do with it.

[thanks exparrot]

14 thoughts on “AppleCrate: Apple II Based Cluster

  1. Guys, part of hacking hardware or software is just the thrill of seeing if you can actually DO IT! It’s neat when you can create a hack that is useful or an improvement, but sometimes you’ve just got to do something just to see if you can!

  2. The game I remember the most from the 80’s was Aztec. I used to go over to a friend’s house and play that as much as I could. I wish I could find an emulator for that Apple IIe game, but to this day my searches have been fruitless.

    A reply to the quote “It is a unique project, but I can

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