Automated instruments


[Ben Hou] had originally sent in Godfried-Willem Raes’s automated sousaphone project, but digging around the site reveals a ton of other instruments (seriously, autosaw!). All of them are wired to accept MIDI input and there are schematics of the microcontrollers on almost every project. Quite a few mp3s are available too. Watch out for the unexplained pr0n


  1. m@rk says:

    Thats pretty cool, whats up with the inventor though? He’s got a harem up in that piece!

  2. shbazjinkens says:

    Now everyone’s going to spend more time looking for the unexplained pR0n than the instruments.

  3. cheesecrunch says:

    hehe – i am spedning more time looking for pr0n then looking at the instruments

  4. Jon says:

    yeah, the work itself is undoubtably cool, but its a little… odd… that he and his companions seem to do all their work in the buff, but i guess if that’s what it takes to get the creative juices flowing, more power to them.

  5. fucter says:

    Damn, I cannot find the porn on this guys page!

    Anyways, I am gonna have a hackaday meetup for Penn State students. It will be thursday night at 8:30pm in front of old main(the building with the loud bell).,-77.861996&spn=0.029506,0.042727&t=h&hl=en

    heres a google map of the PSU campus.

    So far Im expecting no more than 5 people, so if more plan to come please let me know in this thread.

    Also (Im from philadelphia) I hear a lot of people from philly want to have another meeting, I mean A LOT! so someone from philly needs to throw a meetup.

  6. These are definitely a bunch of cool hacks/inventions. This sort of tinkering (perhaps sans the nudity) is what makes hardware hacking fun. “Why

  7. Kenny says:

    Wow i almost got excited about the psu thing…but its not the campus by me :(

  8. just this guy says:

    I can dig the tech/art aspect, but in some ways mixing them here detracted from both.

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