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The other day I mentioned that Jason Striegel is a robot. Well, the situation was given a little bit of clarity when a Slashdot commenter said Googling for “sex bots” turns up Jason’s Hack-A-Day article. At one point someone told Jason he was “worse than Eliza”. Funny you should mention that since the second google link is a sex bot built on Eliza and then turned loose on the IRC. Hilarity ensues.

[Hermann] built a laptop ventilador out of cardboard.

[mike forbes] provided some links for hacking the Netgear DG834G here and here.

You can transcode movies and use your CVS camcorder as a cheap video player. [enigma-]

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your MAME cabinet. [tIM cATCHPOLE]

[Haon] started working on our Wikipedia stub.

[PK]’s better way to add a garage remote to your car.

This Linux DDR machine looks cool till you price the mats. [Incudie] I guess that is the price you pay to avoid getting carpal tunnel doing this. [via]

Also [via Dirk], a good roundup of USB key friendly software.

Don’t worry [smouldering dog] your gift arrived safe and sound.

Over 225 Hack-A-Day readers have added me as a friend; at least 4 are girls. The Folding@Home team has grown too.

Keep sending us the quality links.

12 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_list.php?s=&srt=9
    Us folders are tearing it up lately. We’re the fastest gaining team that is rankable (top 2000 worldwide).

    To join, jump over to the stanford site (http://folding.stanford.edu/download.html) and download the appropriate client. The windows client is fastest becasue the best compilers exist for that platform. x86 linux users should run the windows cli version in WINE for a 25% speed boost over the linux client.
    run the program, being sure to set your team to 44851 to contribute hack-a-day style.

    perhaps with eliot’s approval I could put together a h-a-d folding howto with all the best tweaks since it’s grown so much since last sunday’s posting

  2. Hey, I have a question. Would running folding@home on my little personal web/ftp server (old, 450mhz) decrease performance on it, or would it just run when the server is inactive? Would it noticeably increase the power the server draws?

  3. It should run at lowest possible priority, especially if you use the Console (ClI) version. You shouldn’t see too much difference in performance unless you’re already *very* strapped for ram. bigwus=no gets you much smaller ram demands, at the cost of lower point value wus.

  4. The DDR “carpal tunnel” link would be more impressive if he left all the distraction video stuff ON, instead of turning all that off.

    That’s like playing Pac-man with only one ghost.

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