DIY Railgun


We’ve hit on a few EM projectile systems recently, so [Jason Rollette] thought it would be a good time to cover his railgun. I couldn’t agree more. Jason has been keeping his Railgun Blog up-to-date from nearly day one. Right now he is assembling a larger capacitor bank to power the gun. The PVC piping you see in the picture is part of the injection rig; If the projectile is stationary when the gun is fired it would get welded to the rails (if not worse). Check out Jason’s Railgun Blog for details on his project plus a lot of informative links.


  1. flaunt_dzx says:

    The videos are great!

    Also, if you want more basic info on railguns check out the wiki:

  2. Matt says:

    Another great site for reailgun info is

    They also have a large population of people extremly knowledgable about high voltage projects (I.E. Tesla Coils, Van De Graff, Voltage Multipliers, etc)

  3. PrawnJuice says:

    Very nice railgun. Until now I thought railguns were a fictitious weapon from Quake. That gun would looks so awesome on my driveway.

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