Hack-A-Day completes 2M points


I wasn’t planning on posting this, but in light of recent events I think I have to. Yep, we completed 2,000,000 points in half the time it took to get the first million. Celebrate over at the unofficial Team Hack-A-Day forum.


  1. W00t, w00t!. Tean HaD is kicking monsterous ass. If you aren’t folding, hop on the bandwagon! It’s fun, I swear. Jump over to the Team Hack-a-Day forum and party.

  2. flaunt_dzx says:


  3. PrawnJuice says:

    I’d love to get over there and start borging but I keep having problems getting FAH running. I have a top-of-the-line PC yet it never finishes a WU.

    Good luck guys and keep up the good work.

  4. prawnjiuce, slide on over to the forum and we’d be happy to help troubleshoot your install.

  5. ...... says:

    makes me pround to know I contributed my 0.1% :D

    Fold On!

  6. bst82551 says:

    Congratulations, Team Hack-A-Day!


  7. Jan Prejbisz says:

    I do SETI and Climate predction. I have to turn it off to get to sleep though. Fan’s too loud otherwise

  8. jubilantjeremy says:

    … I installed the linux client about 12 hours ago, and it’s been running for about 8 – But I’m not on the teampage stats. That normal? 1Ghz Athlon. Cheers

  9. Superfluous says:

    ackk! look at engadget… they just started and are at like 300k… they are offering some ghetto watch for the first person to 10k

  10. windwaker says:

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