FLOSS Weekly Episode 780: Zoneminder — Better Call Randal

This week Jonathan Bennett and Aaron Newcomb chat with Isaac Connor about Zoneminder! That’s the project that’s working to store and deliver all the bits from security cameras — but the CCTV world has changed a lot since Zoneminder first started, over 20 years ago. The project is working hard to keep up, with machine learning object detection, WebRTC, and more. Isaac talks a bit about developer burnout, and a case or two over the years where an aggressive contributor seems suspicious in retrospect. And when is the next stable version of Zoneminder coming out, anyway?

Did you know you can watch the live recording of the show right in the Hackaday Discord? Have someone you’d like use to interview? Let us know, or contact the guest and have them contact us! Next week we’re taping the show on Tuesday, and looking for a guest!

Direct Download in DRM-free MP3.

If you’d rather read along, here’s the transcript for this week’s episode.

3 thoughts on “FLOSS Weekly Episode 780: Zoneminder — Better Call Randal

  1. CCTV is one of the few things I built myself, and don’t regret… I really like the idea of zoneminder… but the setup seems pretty involved.

    Does it still need a separate database? Does the WebRTC stuff work on LAN without a domain name or self signed certificate setup?

    1. If you just apt install zoneminder it pretty much works nowadays. A far cry from how it used to be. I love zoneminder, I love the progress it’s made over the last 12years I’ve been using it. A superb and often overlooked project due to the fairly steep initial learning curve. If anyone reading this contributes.. thank you!

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