High Altitude Linux Take 2

high altitude

[jcoxon] was inspired by the original Linux weather balloon project. His Pegasus 1 reached an altitude of 66,585ft and took over 600 pictures. The flight logging system is based on the Gumstix waysmall computer system. It captures data from the GPS receiver and controls two cameras. There are photos from both a downward facing camera and a side facing camera. Periodically the last three GPS entries are sent to Jame’s cellphone via SMS; this made recovering the payload a lot easier. There is already a second baloon planned.

12 thoughts on “High Altitude Linux Take 2

  1. First post with nothing to say is just first idiot if you ask me.
    woot it on up when you have a thought to add.

    This is one incredible project.
    It makes me want to build one too now. the photos were just awesome.

  2. wow, that’s an awesome project! the baloon sure went up high based on the photos. it seems kinda risky tho because what if the ballon popped and landed in a lake or the ocean? the gumstix, gps, phone, and all that would be ruined, but at least they can find it with the GPS. Great Idea!!!


  3. Loss of the payload is always a risk. From what I have read recovery rate is better than one would imagine, but you may have to drive across half of CO and most of NE to bring it back. I suspect that’s part of the challenge and fun. Maybe less so with modern fuel prices. :(

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