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[8Ball] was interested in building a Google Maps based service, but didn’t know where to start. Luckily he stumbled across Peter Rukavina’s Charlottetown Transit Map. The project shows the bus routes and has schedule popups linked to each of the stops. Peter was nice enough to include full source code for how this was implemented in PHP and Javascript. He also describes setting up the necessary MySQL tables.


  1. kURTROEDEGER says:


  2. fucter says:

    I wanted to do this for penn state; upload your class schedule and it would show you were all the buldings are and how much time it should take to walk to each one, but google maps has a very very low res(or as i say: shitty) of psu campus, so that idea was axed. :(

  3. I thought this was a great use of Google maps: plotting running routes. You can see other people’s routes, along with length information, water, and bathroom stops.

  4. john says:

    How is this a hack? Google has an published the map API, and everything on their site is well documented. The maps are designed to be used in this way, so what makes this a hack?

  5. grayskies says:

    It’s a stepping stone to creating your own google maps based project, and I for one am glad to see it. How is any software a hack? Exactly. Hack means to do something, in a creative manner. How is taking some commodity parts and building a power rail and making an AP a hack? Because he took something and made it suit his purposes better. This is not the grandest example of a Google Maps hack (though the GMaps Risk is a good example), this includes source code to get us on our own google maps based solution. If I had this when I worked as a Dell Field Tech, I could have scripted it to take the calls from the website and then give me automatic maps, with the best possible route.

  6. As it happens, I’m trying to do something similar with the London Underground. It looks like this guy has taken a similar approach to me in terms of mapping the locations/points

    Here is a link to it (in case anyone cares!) http://

  7. Sorry that link should be

    and as yet it only appears to work in Firefox

  8. ian says:

    The Google Maps community has been working dilligently on a wiki for Google Maps information here:

    A lot of the information comes from discoveries made on the Google-Maps-API discussion group here:

  9. Jason says:


    Very cool implementation. For the interested I’ve just completed the fourth article of a four-part series on Google maps development using their free API, PHP, MySQL, the U.S. Census Bureau TIGER/Line data, and the Geo::Coder::US Perl package. Here’s the article list:

    1. Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications

    2. Retrieving Map Location Coordinates with

    3. Build Your Own Geocoding Solution with Geo::Coder::US

    4. Build a Geocoding Web Service
    Due to be published on 11/16

    Hope this helps!

  10. ed says:

    there’s a much easier way. Just use this service

    A non-technical person can build a google map in about five minutes.

  11. sampl says:

    yo “fucter”

    I was thinking about something similar for the PSU campus. An implementation of the Loop and Link routes and stops, or the other CATA routes (R, V, etc) with schedules etc would be frggin incredible. The satellite image might be terrible but the map data is fine. Don’t give up, I would love if this thing worked.

  12. phrozen says:

    there is a project by the athens wireless metropolitan network providing its source code too

  13. Brian says:

    My favorite running site just added gmaps as well, you can search to find good running routes and trails in your area. It also has a very powerful running log.

  14. cirrus says:

    Actually the link for the database project the athens wireless metropolitan network uses, is . Its targeting wireless community networks and uses google maps or google earth to display nodes and wireless links.

  15. binish says:

    Yeah, good article and idea.
    It will be applied into healthy industry…

  16. Allison says:

    Solemn article. It make me lost in thoughts.

  17. bob says:

    here is a google hack search inurl:/view/index.shtml
    on google,
    and it shows almost all webcams

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