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I’ve seen a lot of MP3 player projects, but this has to be one of the simplest designs yet. Control is from a PIC16LF877. Files are read from the compact flash card’s root directory in the order in which they were copied. This data is streamed byte by byte to the vs1001k decoder chip with a built in DAC.

If this project seems a little hard you might want to check out one of Raphael’s other projects: Alarm Clock of the Short Now [via MAKE]. It’s designed for people that don’t have a regular sleep schedule, like me.

[thanks iamdigitalman]

15 thoughts on “Simple MP3 Player

  1. cool little mp3 palyer found this a while back but im still looking for the hard drive based diy mp3 player thats cheap enough and i dont want to buy it from ebay from a guy in china!!! found a few but none that will let you use a 200 gig hd and a seperate button pcb and lcd pcb i guess ill have to build it my self!!!

    cool find ive gots lots of sites like this !!!


  2. Yeah, it’s a neat, simple project. I considered making one a while back, but the vs1001k is not as easily available in the U.S. as the sta013. Also, Silicon Labs makes a neat 5mm^2 chip with several interfaces built-in such as SPI and USB.

  3. thanks man, I was wondering if this would ever get posted :-). I wonder if this thing could be built using a PCMCIA card slot, as CF and PCMCIA are pretty much the same. then you could throw in a PCMCIA multi card reader, and play music stored off a SD, MMC, MS, MS DUO, CF, SM, or whatever other card. I personally havnt built this, because my soldering iron is like 30 years old, plus my soldering skills=sux!! -digital ;)

  4. I have seen this one before, simplicity itself. Love it.
    The biggest problem with building your own mp3 player is the cost of the mp3 player chip. The VS1001K is perfect for it, but its price is high. The STA013 is much cheaper. But it doensnt have a built in DAC, what increases complexity.
    Otherwise i would have built my own mp3 player a while ago.

  5. But the problem is the way it reads the files. It makes a hard playlist to add, especially if add/dropping onto the card in a reader doesn’t add the files in sequential order of where you have it selected from. Plus makes reformatting every time you want to add a song neccesary, as it would need a defragged disk every time you erase a song and add a bigger one in its place, no?

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