RoboMaid robot


The RoboMaid (warning sound) really has nothing robotic about it. The website proclaims “smart sensor technology” and “programmable”. It’s actually just a Weasel Ball in a cage. Reader [Perry Cain] decided to keep the cage and add some real electronic brains if the form of a Prallax kit. The robot has 5 IR pairs: 2 in front, 2 on the side and one in the back. He says it works pretty well, but he hasn’t added detection to keep it from going down the basement steps yet.


  1. Crash2108 says:

    But is it still $19.95(Plus S&H)?

  2. Pocketbrain says:

    congratulations, you have created a roomba.

  3. tony h. says:

    I think a woomba would be sweet to create.

  4. weaselword says:

    “Is it Alive!?”

    “(Note: Weasel Ball is not alive)”


  5. CaptSnuffy says:

    Weasel ball is awesome.

    I once bought one for my cat but it was too scared of it.

  6. mohamed says:


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