MF2006: The Electric Unicycle

MF2006: The Electric Unicycle

The nice thing about Maker Faire is all of the fun projects you can try out for yourself. Trevor Blackwell brought his balancing scooter and electric unicycle for people to ride. We’ve got more photos from the Faire on Flickr.


  1. monster says:

    Trevor blackwell is the nicest guy you would ever want to email back and forth to about electric scooters. he’s shown great patience with me asking questions about his scooter build. i really wish i got this tiome off of work so i could be down there right now, if only to thank him in person

  2. mike says:

    Im going to second #1 here. I have run into trevor numerous times at FIRST Robotics regionals/Robonexus, and he has been awesome. For the record, he has got riding that thing through crowded areas down, its really quite impressive.

  3. michael candy says:

    anyone else think this sights last few post’s suck ?, im sorry im posting it here but the last few posts are hardly hacks. a couple days ago i posted and awsome hack on electrokinetik lifters, but it was never accepted check it out

  4. eric says:

    Who needs an electric autobalancing one. I can ride a uni just fine without it. Cool though.

  5. tommi says:

    #4, that’s totally not the point lol. who actually /needs/ half the hacks on this site? it’s done for tech coolness

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