Finishing up the DIY HD projector

Part 6 of my DIY HD Projector How-To is up on Engadget. It wraps up the series (sans final review, which willl be up later this week.) I think I managed to come up with a few new twists on the design. (Yes, the Hack will be up later. Sheesh.) I’m pretty happy with how it came out, even if it does appear to be larger than my old CRT projector.


  1. Pocketbrain says:

    Hey, if you have room for the seven foot screen, you have room for the clunky projector. Great hack, this is some classy stuff. Now I just have to convince my wife not to sell the spare LCD…

  2. George Harkin says:

    Have you tested it out with any Hi-Def movies?

  3. bird603568 says:

    did you wrap the soldering points with something? i mean it would appear that it could be a fire hazard

  4. man_of_cube says:

    I’ll be interested to hear how you think the unit compares to the 1271Q.

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