Powerglove Wiimote

How, oh how did I miss this one? (original) A japanese hacker merged a powerglove with a wiimote. Need I say more? Seriously, who didn’t want a powerglove when they came out? video of the thing in action is after the break.

Quick extra:
It turns out that the Wii Nunchuck is a great source for parts. It’s got a 3-axis accelerometer, joystick and buttons for a mere $20 [chad]‘s wrote a full how-to on turning a wii controller into a bluetooth transmitter and an interface for the wii nunchuck for the Arduino.



  1. ex-parrot says:


  2. TheBlunderbuss says:

    … it’s so bad!

  3. macgyver2210 says:

    The powerglove was cool because there wasn’t a controller like that for the NES. With the Wii, the WiiMote is probably much easier to use anyway, and it’s easier to share with 2+ players if need be.

  4. Steve says:

    You have no idea how sweeet that is!!!! Nintendo’s worst peripheral paired up with it’s best. Excellent job dude.


  5. Kori says:

    But the thing is that it may likes the other peoples too. Any guess why??

  6. Keehun says:

    Won’t it be painful trying to keep your arm stretched out like that for a long time?

  7. TEEEJ says:

    This would be sick if it were used for metroid

  8. TeaRa says:

    Ugh the Powerglove was such a sham. Who would want to resurrect it?

  9. Ilias says:
  10. M'Kay says:

    Their site is down :-( Too much traffic?

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