Hack-A-Day Meetup (T-Shirts!) on Sunday

Yes. Free T-shirts. Free stickers. At Defcon 15. (No virtual begging.) We’ll have skybox 206 on sunday, but we’re only planning to be set up around noon for an hour or so. Come get em.

The swag is free, but we’d like it if you’d toss us a buck or two to donate to the EFF.


  1. nullset says:

    Is anyone planning to go to DragonCon in atlanta this year? Perhaps we should try to put something together.

  2. kei says:

    where is defcon ???

  3. Michael Foster says:

    When will the uk hackaday fans get some swag :D

  4. Azurus says:

    Oh damn. :P

    Id wear one of these into work in spite of my boss.
    I don’t think he would mind being a computer guru as well.

  5. Irishman says:

    Will Hack a Day be selling there new “swag” from their website(or some where else)? I’m asking this for those of us who couldn’t make it to Defcon this year.

  6. srilyk says:

    defcon is always in las vegas – it’s the only place that actually wants them back ^_^

  7. Aaron says:

    is it possible to have them sent to me? I’ll even pay COD

  8. tiuk says:

    sweet, haven’t been online since thursday, was hoping I hadn’t missed the swag. i’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve already donated over $20 to the EFF this weekend, but it’s one of those things where you can never really give too much.

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