Finally networking my new house extra

My new house is taking far more time to get into shape than I ever imagined. I’ve finally gotten most of the network and coax drops in place, and I wanted to show off my new mini-rack. Behind the door up top, my home theater gear is hiding. Below, my switch, patch panel, firewall and cable modem are happily humming along.

[Benjamin] send in a quick post on messing with DoorKings.

Another [Ben] sent in this cheap-o multi-touch interface. It’s just a webcam, a glass desk and some software.

[Tarun] sent in this interesting low cost laser range finder project. It’s webcam based, but uses a laser line (laser level style/simple beam splitter) to measure distances.

Oh, I’m freaking house poor this month, so I’m selling off some of my toys. (If you do buy something, let me know and I’ll put some stickers in the shipping box, but only on request – As a rule, we don’t sell our swag!)

Yes, we’re going to do something to get more stickers out there, so stay tuned.


  1. David says:

    Can we get stickers even if we don’t need a sidekick screen or a mp3 player?

    I’d give my left…arm…for a Hack a Day sticker.

  2. alex mccown says:

    ive used roborealm for 3 years now

  3. Evil says:

    Are you too disdaining wireless for in the house? Right now I haven’t ordered my cat5 so I chased a 100′ cable along the coax to connect the living room to my office. Very ghetto, but it works =)

  4. david li says:

    could you send me a sticker even if i didn’t buy any of your stuff? :D

  5. Mark Carlson says:

    Can we get stickers even if we don’t need a sidekick screen or a mp3 player?
    I’d give my left…arm…for a Hack a Day sticker.

    That’s funny, you should have been at Defcon. some drunk guy on the elevator was giving them out for free.

  6. Colin says:

    I have about 6 from defcon, lol. I ran into Will like 3 times and everytime he just gave me more :D The white one fits nicely on my 20″ widescreen monitor.

  7. Eddiettr says:

    Dude, there’s a typo in your NAS ebay auction. In the auction, it says ‘Plug it into your home network and it’ll provide 1GB of RAID protected storage’ you mean 1Tb ;)
    Just helping :)

  8. spaceinvader says:

    Where did you get your minirack from? All the racks I can find are too tall or not deep enough for a 1u Proliant DL360.

    Many thanks,

  9. strider_mt2k says:

    Good luck with the new setup!
    very cool!

    I’ll go look at your auction if it means the possibility of sticker(s) _and_ usable stuff by all means! :D

  10. jtm says:

    We’d like a couple stickers, any direct place to request?

  11. Plastriq says:

    Too bad you aren’t shipping to Europe, I would’ve bought the Hermes off you.

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