GSM Alarm

Fresh from the tips line, [Pedro] sent in his GSM alarm. He combined a GSM phone, a motion sensor and BasicX24 controller board. If the detector trips during a set time period, the alarm sends SMS messages to the terminator, er whoever you want. He was kind enough to release the code, but I’d like to see this with a smaller micro-controller board to keep the cost/size down.


  1. Mike says:

    So… not really an “alarm clock”. More like motion detector with text message alarm.

  2. Max Kelley says:

    I don’t think it was meant to be alarm clock.. perhaps a typo.

  3. sven says:

    You can do something like this with an AVR. See application note AVR323 for details. Not with a motion sensor but that shouldn’t be the biggest problem.

  4. max says:

    i was looking at a very similar idea for a car alarm.

  5. MrC says:

    smaller and cheaper… I managed to get sms control (both ways) using a pic (16f628) using fbus (not AT)

  6. tom says:

    Shame you can’t automate MMS , you could use the cell phone’s camera and not have false alarms. now that’s useful!

  7. stinky says:

    you can automate mms and sms. which would be a better solution.

    a $0.98 8 pin pic chip and a little bit of coding and this could be easily done for far cheaper.

    Basic stuff here guys

  8. FxProgrm says:
  9. Mike says:

    cheaper chips but usually more expensive to do development wise, although maybe in another 6 months the pic world will gets it’s development stuff cheaper then the stamp

  10. mure says:

    or you can choose one of these gsm projects

  11. rhod says:

    just wana ask if how to trigger the cell phone to send sms by means of the alarm, hope you could share me. i realy want to know. thnx

  12. mark says:

    mure, ofcourse everyone can read russian!?

  13. wow what a interesting post , its really helpful for us
    and i saw this post on aol ill pop back to your site later today

  14. YT2095 says:

    not an Original idea, I designed the basic principal of this as a Shed alarm in 04, and was in recipt of several accolades from the Police and court magistrates for the arrest and conviction of the ringleader of the theives/vandals that were terrorising our allotment site for years.
    I used an old Sagem phone and hardwired directly to the SEND key, and had a door microswitch as the trigger to send a text.
    I`v shared this idea on as many places as I can (I didn`t know about this place until recently).
    all you need is a phone that doesn`t go into stby and erase the number you have ready to send, and some simple soldering skills.
    I urge Everyone to arm themselves with these in Cars, Houses, Sheds, boats… etc.
    it May give these little ba$t@rds pause for thought if enough of them get caught! ;)

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