Digital Dashboard Gauges

[Justin N] sent in one of his projects. It’s a digital dashboard gauge for his Subaru. It’s built around an arduino board with a text LCD and standard automotive senders. He’s using it to monitor oil temp, turbo pressure, temperature, acceleration and provide a lap timing. The details are buried in this forum thread, but its worth a look if you’ve spent time geeking out on your car.

4 thoughts on “Digital Dashboard Gauges

  1. It could. It is essentially a bunch of off the shelf components put together for a greater functionality. You could swap out the lcd with some sort of HUD. I have no idea how one would go about finding or controlling such a piece of hardware though. I’m guessing that it would probably not be controlled via a serial interface and you may have issues with space on the atmega microcontroller. Currently what I have flashed on there takes up about 9-10k of 14k.

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