side project: CNCBadges

Want something different for your latest PC? I’m starting to offer custom CNC cut case badges made on my mill. I’m starting off with 1″ x 1″ badges made from .125″ thick 6061 aluminum alloy. The test cuts above should give you a decent idea of what I’m talking about. (The edges are a bit rough because I need to order some proper engraving bits.) I’ve just about gotten the kinks out, so I’m going to start accepting orders now. Engraved badges are $6 and shipping’s just $1 in the US. Everything is very, very beta – let me know if you have any questions.

Eliot said that I could pimp my little venture if I give away some Hack-A-Day badges. So drop a comment – I’ll pick five or so at random (unless you’re a tool) to receive a free badge with the Hack-A-Day logo. I *might* consider offering Hack-A-Day badges to raise money for the EFF, but it’s still up in the air.


  1. Weclock says:

    This sounds really friggin’ cool, if I wasn’t strapped for cash right now, I’d get one.

    Also, this is my first comment here, at hackaday.

  2. Jester says:

    Always wanted some Hack a day swag but could’ent make it to any conferences. Let us know when you order those bits and I’ll be more that happy to grab a couple.

  3. rescbr says:

    Hey! Greetz from Brazil! Nice badges you got made! I wish I had an cnc machine…

  4. hrf3420 says:

    Nice site you shouldve made it and start selling other things too! There might be money in that business. You could make deals with other hackers and sell their products..

  5. lucas vd weiden says:

    very nice! i’d love a little nametag or something in that.

  6. Max says:

    You could offer a “Special EFF Edition” and donate some of the money from that to the EFF. You should see how these do first.

  7. neg2led says:

    neg wants!

  8. dan says:

    This is a really neat idea. Until I get around to making my own CNC mill *cough* I may send a DXF or two your way.

  9. Peter says:

    what better use to put some hours on your mill than making custom badges :p

  10. forkbeard says:

    man, if only they weren’t a little bigger.. they’d make a great apple logo cover-up on my new imac.

  11. Frollard says:

    Thats really cool – I’m interested in buying one – but if I could make a request – on a round plate, about 2″ diameter. I just moved from a BMW convertible to a Plymouth Voyager – I want to cover the Plymouth insignia really badly. Great project!

  12. Weirdguy says:

    I would put one of these on my antec lanboy, but the LCD badge is now a PSone screen. I could use one for my case badge graffiti media server though.

  13. ThatMonkey says:

    Can I get one with the Hack-a-Day logo? Maybe add that as an option? And for that matter, why don’t you open a Hack-a-Day store with some shirts/stickers? Perhaps it exists and I’ve missed it over the years?

  14. Tyler says:

    If I had a CNC machine, I would make so many little badges that I wouldn’t know what to do with them all…. but, alas, I do not… :(

  15. Deranged says:

    That is sweet.

  16. rashani says:

    i want one to slam onto my integra…

  17. ramsay says:

    i love hack a day! i love these badges!!

  18. Troy says:


  19. pedro says:

    shipping to the UK isn’t very much; only about $3 or so.
    Just a heads up. Ya know, because you have readers in the UK.

    case badges look good, but you think you could make a version in acrylic too, I have a sweet idea for an LED illuminated badge i want to hack together!

  20. Why the nasty surface finish on the plane area? How did you manage to get it that uneven? (I’m not trolling, it’s just that I’ve never managed to get surface that bad when machining in aluminum).

  21. feffrey says:

    thats awesome! I visit the site daily and while I don’t understand everything you cover, I try to learn!

  22. TGBM says:

    sweet… these look really nice… i’ll order one when i get the time.

    if you sell enough of these, maybe you could get rid of the ads?

  23. tiuk says:

    Awesome idea, I’d love to have one!

  24. Glee. Kyle Wants Badge. Kyle always read hackaday. Kyle want Badge for Laptop. :-D

  25. austin y. says:

    very awesome

  26. Dash_Merc says:

    Man, I’ve been watching this site for a couple of years now, and through that time I’ve become a huge proponent of DIY. Being poor and lacking tools, I’ve started a DIY “fund” ($5 every Sunday night) to save up for things like parts to build my own CNC mill. This is cool stuff here, and not too expensive, either. I just might have to buy one. Or make one.

    Way to go on keeping this site full of the latest absolutely bangin’ hacks!

  27. not a tool says:

    i am not a tool, i am not a tool! (altered mrs. doubtfire line [original: i... amnotacook, i... amnotacook!])
    please, i am not desperate for a badge, it makes no nevermind to me. if you desire, pick someone else whom you would rather give it to.

  28. Diesel says:

    Now that kicks ass! Aluminum + CNC + Hack-a-Day = The Shiznit!

  29. expo25kr says:

    those look amazing. I would totally get one.

  30. lofidelity` says:

    If someone wanted to do an order, what format would you want the graphics in, any preference or are you doing the conversions? Also, any chance of bulk order of 50 or so? I was thinking like early bird perks for a LAN party registration, nice and inexpensive but damn cool looking.

  31. DanDan says:

    Thats pretty awesome,
    One day I’ll definitely buy one, so I can customize my case a little more, other than the Air China sticker and the random graffiti I’ve made with my trusty Sharpie.

  32. Selling engraved aluminum plates, great idea. Any chance you will start offering larger ones anytime soon (possibly 4″x4″)?

  33. Joe says:

    sweet, I’d love to have one of them. Gotta love CNC.

  34. cartufer says:

    you might want to try using a countersinking bit for engraving, but u really have to watch the depth with things that angle

  35. alex says:

    cool — i’ve been meaning to make a cnc mill, just haven’t had the time or money!

    i’ll gladly take a badge :)

  36. Whitewiz says:

    I can happily recieve a badge if you have any to spare.

    Oh, and is #hackaday on EFNET the official irc?
    If so, a few info’s/links would be recommended.

  37. kolwon says:

    hack-a-day badges would be a good idea to raise money. i say go for it, more money means better things…

  38. fiendskull9 says:

    super sweet
    the only thing better than a hackaday sticker is a hackaday case badge!

  39. califrag says:

    i bought one! these are teh awsum

  40. Andrew says:

    Oh, I just love these Will. Think you could make me a custom one for my Ford Taurus? Just a nicle little round hackaday emblem? Please?

    Whether I win one or not, I’ll be getting one of these for my case for sure.

  41. man i can’t wait to buy one and maybe pimp it out even more, i’ll
    probably try and put some LED’s in and maybe use my schools new
    plasma cam to cut out “Hack A Day” hopefully i can.

  42. Will OBrien says:

    If you want something custom shaped, email me and we’ll figure it out. Rounds are coming as soon as I find a good source for them.

  43. Redbluefire says:

    Did you make this CNC machine in true HAD fashion, or is it stock? (Just curious. :P )

  44. crgwbr says:

    awesome idea and project

  45. Will OBrien says:

    The machine is a Sieg X2 manual mill that I converted to CNC. You can read about it here:

  46. Great idea!
    I so want one of those on my scooter (my current Apple sticker just make it go slower).

  47. Drewid says:

    Makes me want to break out the plasma torch and cut some larger versions myself. Might I suggest getting a few anodized in some nice colors as well?

  48. riffer says:

    Count me in.

    BTW great site.

  49. Harrison says:

    Those look nice, would look even better if they were on my server case.

  50. Pfiffer says:

    I’d love a Hackaday badge.

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